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3-5-21, Kashita-Nishi, Higashi-Osaka, 577-0835 Japan


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Introduction of your company & business:

We have been developing and manufacturing glass scribing and processing machines under the Spirit of SHIRAI for over 50 years. Our scribing and processing machines for mother glass are adopted by Mother Glass and LCD panel manufacturers in Japan and overseas.


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Key Products or Services:

・Irreguylar shaped panel scribing machine for automotive application

・Robot-breaking machine (inline specification) for irregular shaped panel

・Non-flipping type scribing machine

・Water scattering prevention type grinding machine

・Scribing machine/grinding machine for Mother Glass


Factory Equipment:

Total of 10 factories available. No.11 factory is now under construction (scheduled to be completed on September 2022).


Basic/Fundamental principle :

Time to stop and think. It makes us always active in this bustling world.

Mere inspiration cannot give birth to technology.

We have accumulated technology since our foundation.

It makes our new technology last until the next generation.


International Operations:

Taiwan (Office), China (Local subsidiary)

SHIRAI ENGINEERING LIMITED (affiliated company in Japan)



Silver prize of Monozukuri-grand prize awarded by Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2003


Company History:

June    1960SHIRA TEKKOSHO established in Kizuri Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
July1962   Changed name to SHIRAI TEKKOSHO CO., LTD.
October1964    Relocated to the current place and started to manufacture/sell industrial small machinery.
March 1967    Started to design and manufacture glass processing machines. Began receiving orders for glass manufacturing machines from the glass manufacturer.
September       1974    Developed its first automatic cross scribing machine.
April   1975    Set about mass production of automatic cross scribing machines. Developed double edge grinding machines, shape edge grinding machines for automobiles, drilling machines and washing machines.
September       1982    Completed computer-aided NC scribing machines with dialogic automatic operational functions.
October           1986    Completed the new factory. Developed processing machines for automobile glass, scribing, grinding and washing machines for LCD thin glass, processing machines for microscope slide glass, water jet scribing machines, automatic glass transporting, loading and scribing machines, and manufacturing machines for insulating glass.
 1996Entered the field of electronic glass substrate.
May1999Completed the world's fastest machines in the field of scribing and processing of CF electronic glass substrate.
September       2000    Completed the new factory.
December        2001    Set about selling scribing machine for solar cell substrate.
February2002Changed name to SHIRAI TECH LIMITED
June2002Completed vertical dual side glass scribing, breaking and R-shape beveling machines for PDP.
October           2003  Completed non-rotative scribing and breaking machines for G-5 cell panels.
December        2003  Completed G-5 dense unpacking unit and conveyer with double-side film remover.
March 2004    Set about selling large NC drilling machine (3 X spindles & 1 Y spindle).
February          2006    Completed G-8 glass loading scribing breaking line.
July     2006Enlarged 8th factory.
September       2006Founded Taiwan Office.
August2008Completed G-10 glass scribing machine.
March 2009Set about selling NC straight scribing machine-+tilting table with breaking bar (processing 180x115 inch glass)
May    2009Set about selling NC straight scribing machine with loading arms (breaking bar built in and processing 150x100 inch glass
November       2009Founded SHIRAI ENGINERRING (affiliated company)
May    2010Founded China Office in Shenzhen.
September       2011Completed new headquarter office and enlarged 9th factory.
January2012Set about selling multi irregular scribing machine (5 spindles) for thin glass.
October2012Set about selling NC multi head scribing machine (3 X spindles & 3Yspindles).
October2013Set about selling variant scribing machine with sliding A-shaped glass holder (Loading arm built in) for 100x75 inch glass.
May2014Completed China factory in Shenzhen (local subsidiary).
January2015Completed CoS (cutting-on-sealant) automatic scribing machine.
July2018Enlarged 10th factory.
June2019Set about selling irregular scribing machine for automotive application panel.
January2020Developed new generation cutter wheel (PEACH).
September2022Enlarged 11th factory (scheduled).