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1.            The sole aim of company is the service which contributes to society.

2.            We must create value by utilizing precious resouces such as 'Manpower' 'Goods' and 'Time' effectivily to contribute society.

3.            Since society changes time to time, we must keep our eyes on information,  and must make ourselves flexible to change, which leaads us to vibrant human group.

4.            Company's profit  is just  the result of our effort evaluated by society.

5.            Profit assure us company's continuation and prosperity as well as our stable and improved life.


Business Description

Production and sales of precise plastic molding products (for IT, home appliance, automotive, household equipment etc.) and plastic sheets (for Food packaging, electronic parts carrying trays etc.)

Design for plastic products, and proposal of molding technologies, with high performance materials.



Basic technology of plastic molding

Sheet product>

 1)NOACRYSTAL series(PET Sheet)

PET-based sheets account for about 40,000 tons/year of our annnual sheet products about 50,000 tons.  Approximately 25,000 tons/year are recycled PET sheets, produced from recycled raw materials from PET bottles. used for packaging materials, etc. We are making effort toward effective use of resources.

 2)NOABARRIER series(Oxygen permeation inhibiting sheet)

By developing and improving the performance of oxygen permeation inhibiting sheets such as olefin-based and PET-based ones, we are making it possible to extend the expiration date of food products, which contributs to reducing food loss.



(Bromine-free polycarbonate-based flame-resistant insulation sheet)

We produce eco friendly polycarbonate-based flame-retardant insulation sheet that achieves the world's highest level of flame retardancy without using any brominated flame retardants or phosphorus-based flame retardants.


 4)Commercialization of non-petroleum-derived plastic sheets

We are working to commercialize non-petroleum-derived plastic sheets such as bio-PE and bio-PET, and also biodegradable plastics.

We already started production of Bio-PET sheets with a bio-degree of up to 25%.

<Injection molded products・ Vacuum molded products>

5)RFM(RP TOPLA Floating core Molding:Curved tube injection molding)

Our originally developed curved tube injection molded RFM has succeeded in reducing the weight by approximately 60% compared to metal pipes, and is expected to be used in EV vehicles in the future.


Our originally developed curved tube injection molded RFM has succeeded in reducing the weight by approximately 60% compared to metal pipes, and is expected to be used in EV vehicles in the future.



Head Office

1-20-22, Esaka-cho, Suita-Shi, Osaka, 564-0063, Japan


Tokyo Office (Branch?)

7th floor, NIsshin bldg. 1-3-2 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan


Kanto Office

463-1, Yaegasa-cho, Ota, Gunma, 373-0805, Japan


Chubu Sales Office

26-602, Kitaura-Miyaji, Yamatocho-Myokoji, Ichinomiya, Aichi, 491-0922, Japan


Kanto Gunma Factory

4122-2, Akabori,Oura-Machi, Oura-Gun, Gunma, 370-0614, Japan


Saitama Factory

3638 Mikajiri, Kumagaya, Saitama, 360-0843, Japan


Shiga Ryuo Factory

2-1, Hie-cho, Konan, Shiga, 520-3203, Japan


Shiga Kosei Factory

678-158, Iwane, Konan, Shiga, 520-3252, Japan


Wakayama Factory

275 Monzen, Yura-cho, Hidaka, Wakayama, 649-1103,JAPAN


Sapporo Factory

45-54 Nakanuma-cho, Higashi-ku,Sapporo, Hokkaido, 007-0890,JAPAN


[Affiliated company]



3515 Harajuku-cho, Ota-shi, Gunma 373-0071, Japan


Taiei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

1 Taishi, Taishi cho, Minami-Kawachi, Osaka, 586-0995, Japan




Kawasan Industri MM-2100 Blok M28.2-37, DESA GANDA MEKAR - CIKARANG BARAT BEKASI, 17520 Indonesia




Lot J4, Que Vo IP(expansion area), Nam Son Commune, Bac Ninh city., Bac Ninh province, Vietnam




Lot56, Tasek Industrial Estate, 31400, Ipoh Perak, Malaysia




1953                     Started molding processing mainly using acrylic resin sheets.

1955                     Established RP TOPLA Limted

1968                     Established Ryumai Plastic Co., Ltd.

1969                     Established a joint venture, TOYO PLASTIC(MALAYSIA)SDN.BHD.,  in Malaysia

1975                     Introduced multi-layer sheet technology and started production of multi-layer sheets up to 7 layers of 4 types

1984                     Awarded the Best Prize at S.P.I. in the U.S.

1988                     Merged Ryumai Plastic Co., Ltd. and RP Topla Limited. Changed name to RP Topla Limited.

1995                     Established a joint venture, PT. TOPLA ABADI JAYA in Indonesia

2011                     Established TOPLA VIETNAM CO., LTD in Vietnam.


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