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Morico develops, manufactures, and sells automatic stamping machines and packaging related machinery that are needed in various areas of the economy. 

We strongly support on-site automation and efficiency of businesses in a wide range of industries with our unique mechanism that feeds, separates, transports, imprints, and collects materials such as postcards, envelopes, labels, films, plastic bags, and cartons.

Our products range from a coding machine that imprints expiration date and lot number on food packages, GS1 data bar laser marking system for pharmaceuticals cartons, to an automatic leaflet inserting machine.

In response to the needs for anti-virus measures in recent years, our automatic card sanitizer that can easily remove viruses from various kinds of cards such as credit cards and hotel keycards are well received.

We also have a special product lineup for postal services. Morico developed the first model of canceling machine at the request of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in 1932 which revolutionized Japan’s postal service. Since then, our machines have been used as a standard canceling machine at 1,300 post offices all over Japan.


Competitive Advantages

●High quality

We take pride in the high quality of our products. All of our products use domestically manufactured parts and are assembled at our own factory in Japan.


●Core Technology “Separating System”

Morico’s original "reverse separation method" enables a large quantities of mail items of various sizes and thicknesses to be separated and stamped accurately and speedily.


Based on this core technology, we have mastered research and development, evolved it year by year, and developed many new products.


Stampee Series Coding Machines

Helios Series Industrial Inkjet Printers

Carton Laser Marker with Checking Function

Automatic Card Inserter

Automatic Leaflet Counter with Barcode checking function

Canceling Machine for Postal service

Card Sanitizer Machine

Compact Inkjet Coder DIPO

Imprinter with Sealer

Grip Conveyor

Gear / Reducer



1924                Kotaro Mori established Morico Electric Manufacturing Company in Koto-Ku, Tokyo. 

                        Supplied Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with telecommunication related equipment and parts

1932                Completed and installed the first domestically - manufactured automatic postal cancelling machine in the post office

1939                Opened Head Office and Factory in Meguro-Ku, Tokyo

1939                Nominated as designated factory for Yokosuka Navy

1946                Opened Tsuru Factory in Tsuru City, Yamanashi

1947                Nominated as the first designated factory for Ministry of Posts

1954                Morico’s desk-top postal cancelling machine became a designated machine for Ministry of Posts and was installed in post offices all over Japan

1957                Toshio Mori became president

1958                Remodeled the automatic cancelling machines to general business use and distributed them to other industries

1962                Chosen as “Rationalization Model Factory of Small and Medium Enterprise” by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

1966                Opened Osaka Sales Office in Kita-Ku, Osaka

1972                Changed corporate name to Morico Co., Ltd.

1973                Opened Hachioji Factory in Hachioji City, Tokyo

1990                Opened Hachioji Branch in Hachioji City, Tokyo

2003           Developed a card washing machine

2004                Celebrated 80th year in business.

                        Yukio Mori became President

2005                Developed Helios, the first inkjet coding machine under Morico name

2007                Installed inkjet postal cancelling machines in major Post Offices in Tokyo

2009                Developed LC series, a GS1databar barcode laser marking system with print checking function applicable for cartons

2015                Opened Shizuoka Branch

2021                Launched Automatic Card Sanitizer



Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Postal



Head Office in Meguro, Tokyo / Hachioji Branchi in Tokyo / Tsuru Factory / Osaka Sales Office


Overseas Distributors

Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, USA, Mexico, Germany