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Established in 1967 as the PCB business unit of Fujitsu, FICT is today an independent company that lives by the same founding philosophy to provide and develop state-of-the-art and Printed Circuit Board solutions for supercomputers, ICTs and critical public infrastructure.


Please feel free to visit our website: FICT Philosophy


Please feel free to visit our website: FICT History

Key Products or Services:

Product services:

Highly reliable and high-performance large semiconductor packaging substrates, Multilayer PCBs for ICT infrastructure devices such as supercomputers and high-density HDI PCBs for edge devices such as information and communication equipment.

Solution services:

Design Service that makes full use of the latest automatic wiring design tools, Simulation Service to support the selection of optimal materials and layer constructions, and Reliability Rest and Failure Analysis Service.

Factory Equipment:

Technology / R&D activities:

F-ALCS Technology for PCBs ensures highly reliable connections between vias through paste filling and metal bonding which allow more than two times higher wiring density than before. It is optimal for difficult designs which were previously considered to be impossible.

State-of-the-art large FC-BGA packaging substrate with >100mm□ size buildup for large Die and multi-chip packaging.

We are currently developing G-ALCS (Glass All Layer Z-Connection Structure) technology using our ALCS structure technology.

Business Achievements:

FICT is proud to produce high-end PCBs for the supercomputer Fugaku that has successfully retained the top spot for seven consecutive terms in HPCG and Graph500 rankings

FICT developed the FC-BGA, a new technology that has now become a global standard in the smiconductore packaging subtrate world.