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Established on June 27, 1981



  • Management by values:

By constantly pursuing a code of conduct based on common values, OPHTECS aims to strengthen its own internal cohesion and become a global eye care company.

  • Mission:

Contributing to global ophthalmology

  • Vision:

To be a global eye care company

  • Shared Values:

“Be innovative”, “Like to challenge”, “Be sincere”, “Be logical”, “Keep learning”.


Business Description

Development, manufacture, sales, and export of contact lens solutions and eye drops.



1981 Founder Toyoaki Yoneda established OPHTECS in Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. In the same year, the first product "BIOCLEN 5" was released.

1988 Launched the world's first liquid enzymatic cleaner "BIOCLEN L". This hit product leads to rapid growth of OPHTECS.

1988 First factory completed in Toyooka, Hyogo.

1994 Started exporting to Asian countries (Korea, Taiwan, Singapore)

1996 Launched single-dose artificial tear "Teare CL".

1997 Received award of the National Land Agency and Nikkei Inc. co-sponsored, award as a regional revitalization contribution company.

1998 Launched soft contact lenses “VUE-UNO 1”, and single-dose artificial tear “Teare f” with hyaluronic acid, to expand into the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

1999 Released the first cold disinfectant "BIOCLEN chemsept" in the domestic market.

2000  Received National SMEs Research Center Award for outstanding results in management rationalization and technological development.

2001 Released “Clencide”, the first povidone-iodine disinfecting system for soft contact lenses.

2006 Toyoaki Yoneda is appointed as Chairman of the Board, and his son Joe Yoneda is appointed as CEO & Representative Director.

2007 Opened new corporate headquarters and R&D laboratory in Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, Japan.

2010 Launched " BIOCLENO2 Sept",the firststerilizing solution for hard contact lenses.

2015 Launched "cleadew" brand.

2018 Acquired a Dutch contact lens maker, Microlens Contact lens Technology B.V.

Today, exporting Japanese-made products to Asia, Europe, and Oceania.



All employees share a common desire to "provide a comfortable contact lens life", and under the close cooperation of research, manufacturing, and sales, OPHTECS always deliver the high quality and safe Japanese-made products and services to our customers.

OPHTECS have the only research institute specialized in contact lens care in Japan. By using our accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge as a contact lens care specialized manufacturer and combining these with the use of state-of-art technology, new products are developed with superior functions, which are then contributed to the market. Our research achievements also have been highly evaluated worldwide.

All OPHTECS products are manufactured at our own factory in Toyooka, Hyogo. Stringent quality checks in each production step to ensure that we can deliver products of high standard and to provide a stable supply to the marketplace. All our factories have production control systems based on international standards.



Pharmaceuticals and Medical device / Medical related daily use items / Chemistry



  • OPHTECS Kobe H.Q. & Research Center  〒650-0047 5-2-4, Minatojimaminamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
  • OPHTECS Tokyo Head Office (Sales and Marketing) 〒105-0003 1-6-21, Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan
  • OPHTECS Toyooka Factory 〒668-0831 156-5, Kamiyoshidai, Toyooka, Hyogo, Japan
  • OPHTECS Europe B.V. Marithaime 20, 6662 WD, Elst, The Netherlands




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