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Vision: Providing value to our customers, to automotive culture and to society.

Mission: Offering the worlds’ best products, produced by the world’s leading operations.


Business Description

JATCO is aiming to be the No.1 automatic transmission manufacturer in the world.

As a manufacturer specializing in automatic transmissions for automobiles, JATCO features a wide range of products, from step automatic transmissions to environmentally friendly continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and transmissions for hybrid vehicles.

In terms of CVTs, we are the only manufacturer in the world to provide CVTs from mini vehicles to large passenger cars, and we are proud of the No.1 market share in the global market.



Aug. 1943 – Begins operation as Yoshiwara Plant of the aircraft division of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1970 – Japan Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. established through the merger of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation (then Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.), and Ford Motor Company
Oct. 1989 – Japan Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. changes name to JATCO Corporation
Jun. 1999 – AT/CVT division of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. splits off to become TransTechnology Ltd.
Oct. 1999 – TransTechnology Ltd. and JATCO Corporation merge to form JATCO TransTechnology Ltd–
Apr. 2002 – JATCO TransTechnology Ltd changes name to JATCO Ltd. AT/CVT division of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation splits off to become Diamondmatic Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2003 – JATCO Ltd. merges with Diamondmatic Co., Ltd.
Mar 2007 – Capital participation form Suzuki Motor Corporation

Shareholders: Nissan 75%, Mitsubishi 15%, Suzuki 10%

Production sites: Japan, Mexico, China, Thailand



Main products

CVT: Jatco CVT7, Jatco CVT7 W/R, Jatco CVT8, Jatco CVT8 Hybrid

AT: JF424E, JF613, JR711E, JR701E, JR721E (Hybrid)



Annual sales (FY2015): 752.1 billion yen

Production volume by region (FY2015): Japan 52%, Mexico 29%, China 14%, Thailand 5%



JATCO has the No.1 market share in the CVT global market and No.2 in global automatic transmission market.



Headquarters: 700-1, Imaizumi, Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan

JATCO is expanding its development and production facilities around the world in locations close to customers. There are as many as 13 facilities in eight countries outside Japan.


Competitive Advantages

JATCO has produced a number of pioneering world-first products, such as the 5-speed electric controls automatic transmission in 1989 and the steel belt CVT for 2L class in 1997. JATCO, as a specialized automatic transmission manufacturer, continuously tackles new challenges and pioneers for the future.

Among the various types of automatic transmissions, the CVT, which enables non-step, continuous changes in gear ratios through a system of belts and pulleys, has drawn particular attention. The CVT is an innovative transmission that is able to shift transmission by constantly using the efficient range of the engine and to achieve a balance between a powerful drive and smooth gearshift, while providing excellent fuel performance.

JATCO is the leading company with No.1 market share in the global market of CVTs for automobiles.


Company Goals & Objectives

JATCO is aiming to be the No.1 automatic transmission manufacturer in the world.



Corporate Officers

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Teruaki Nakatsuka

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Seiji Honda

Executive Vice President – Masaaki Nishizawa

Executive Vice President – Bill Krueger

Executive Vice President – Hitoshi Nagakura

Senior Vice President – Yoshiyuki Ito

Senior Vice President – Tomoyoshi Sato

Senior Vice President – Tetsuya Takahashi

Corporate Vice President – Teruo Ashikari

Corporate Vice President – Hirofumi Okahara

Corporate Vice President – Minoru Sawayama

Corporate Vice President – Koji Furukawa

Corporate Vice President – Takashi Sakagami

Corporate Vice President – Tomoaki Hirayama



14,000 (as of March 31, 2016)



Mar. 2016 – JATCO’s global CVT production reached 30 million units. This is the first time in the world* that an individual manufacturer has achieved cumulative CVT production volume of 30 million units. (*According to JATCO research.)

Aug. 2016 – Jatco CVT7 attained 10 million units in global production in the seven years and one month since production commenced in July 2009.





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