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The company (Gambia Telecommunications Cellular Company Limited) was established by incorporation on the 16th day of November 2000, as a limited liability company under the company’s Act of 1955. The memorandum of association underscores its main objects clause as the provision of GSM Cellular services, selling of mobile subscriber radio units and entry into roaming agreement with other cellular operators worldwide.

Although registered as Gambia Telecommunications Cellular Company Limited, the company is in abbreviated from known as GAMCEL. GAMCEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of GAMTEL. The registered office of this company for the purpose of ‘notice’ is 3 Nelson Mandela Street, Banjul.

Gamcel’s mission is to satisfy its customers by offering a GSM service of INTERNATIONAL STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, and USER-FRIENDLY, and accessible to EVER WIDENING SEGMENTS of the Gambian population. Business commenced in earnest on 25th May 2001 when the GSM network was launched, replacing the outdated analogue network (TACS).The GSM system 900MHz), which is used, is operating in over 60% of the world. An offer for the implementation of this new network consisting of 20 Base stations and a switching capacity of   15,000 customers was prepared by ALCATEL, a reputable French firm in Telecommunications and accepted by Gamtel the parent company on behalf of the subsidiary company.

Gamcel’s initial strategy priority is urban and business areas, the coverage of which has been successfully completed with the first investment. The second part of our strategy is to cover the main roads of the Gambia so that coverage will be offered to people upcountry who have not been satisfied yet and who have expressed their need to Gamcel customer care.

Gamcel operates 2 types of services namely: post-paid and prepaid. About 3% of our customer base is post-paid. The Tariffs of these two services are different. Prepaid is an upfront cash payment of consumptions whilst post-paid is a monthly invoice of consumption. The Prepaid, which 97% of our customers base belong to, is a ‘pay as u go service and thus all facility charge and the customer needs to initially provide security deposit. Customer’s are recorded and managed in a computerized systems.

Apart from the facility of making local and international calls from anywhere within the Gambia, roaming has been introduced. Roaming agreement has been sign with host of countries and Dual Sim solution.

The Roaming tariff is more lucrative and Gamcel stands to benefit in Foreign exchange especially from tourists, diplomats and the business community. Roaming is a service available in the GSM world, where the customer can use his home country registered SIM card whilst traveling in and out of any other country he has agreed to roam. The customer will continue to receive and make calls whilst in a different country just like his home country.
Address: 59 Mamadi Manijang Highway
Phone number: +220 4398169
Fax: +220 4372932
Web: http://www.gamcel.gm




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