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Contribute to the development of customers' businesses with high quality ICT.


Business Description

  • Industry Automation Business
    Our Industry Automation Business provides ICT solutions to support innovative manufacturing, and also offers various ICT services to further strengthen international competitiveness by improving productivity and quality of the manufacturing industry.
  • System Integration Business 
    Our System Integration Business provides a wide range of system integration services (planning/consulting, construction, development, maintenance/operation), each of which is specialized for certain business categories and operations to help our customers deal with business challenges and operational issues that they face.
  • Platform Integration Business 
    Our Platform Integration Business provides a comprehensive ICT platform from building ICT infrastructure, such as servers, storage, and networks, to application maintenance and operation, which in the past have been built or procured individually, for which our five network-connected, nationwide data centers serve as the foundation.



Since CEC was established in 1968, we have grown as an independent software company as the Japanese computer industry has developed.
We will continue to cultivate reliable technologies while providing our unique products and services that help develop our customers.
Our corporate slogan, "Shape your future," indicates that our future is guaranteed by contributing to the future of our customers.



Industry Automation Business

  • Smart Factory Service 
    This service will help you to achieve a smart factory by providing products and services that collect and analyze operational data from production equipment to realize preventive and predictive maintenance as well as make the control of your factory automated and autonomous. We assist you in improving manufacturing site efficiency and productivity, including production line concept and process designs.
  • Digital Engineering Service 
    From the perspective of taking advantage of design data, quality management, embedding ICT parts into products, and collaboration of product ICT for the manufacturing industry, we offer solutions that support the entire process from planning and design through to testing, production, and maintenance. We also assist you to improve product development efficiency and quality.


System Integration Business

  • System Integration Service 
    We provide a wide range of system integration services (planning/consulting, construction, development, maintenance/operation), each of which is specialized for certain business categories (financial and public sectors) and operations to help our customers deal with business challenges and operational issues that they face.
  • Microsoft Cloud Service Integration Solution (Convergent) 
    We offer various solutions that add proprietary services, such as operation support service specialized for certain business categories, a wealth of templates that enhance basic features, and 24/365 operation and maintenance support, to the Microsoft cloud service (Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Office 365, and so on).


Platform Integration Business

  • Data Center Service 
    We have data centers in five locations, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Kyushu, which have robust security. Our engineers are fully versed in ICT platform technologies, including knowledge of OSs, databases, and networks, and provide comprehensive support for system operations.
  • Security Service (Cyber NEXT) 
    We defend ICT elements that support business against security threats from the endpoint to the cloud by using our specialist security team's knowledge to provide a total security service from consulting and design to construction and operation services in accordance with your requirements. ​

– Office Security Solution (SmartSESAME) 
By utilizing ID cards and biometric authentication technology that uses vein and facial scans, and the like, to control access to PCs and multifunction printers that are essential for business, we achieve a highly secure office environment.

– CEC Security Operations Center (CEC SOC) 
Engineers at the CEC Security Operations Center monitor servers and network devices 24/365 and collect logs to detect unauthorized intrusion, access, and behavior in real time. The CEC SOC implements optimal risk countermeasures in accordance with threat types and emergency levels.



Industry Automation Business 
Production sites of assembly manufacturing (automobiles, and industrial and electrical machines).

System Integration Business 
System integration for the manufacturing and financial industries, and governmental agencies.

Platform Integration Business
Design, construction, maintenance, and operation of ICT infrastructure for companies.



Information and communications technology (ICT).



Head Office: Tokyo.
Registered Office: Zama (Kanagawa).
Offices: Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Toyama, Toyota, Miyazaki.
System Laboratories: Zama (Kanagawa), Kawasaki (Kanagawa), Oita.


Financial Projection

FY 01/2017 Financial Plan
Sales: 45 billion yen
Net income: 3.5 billion yen



Consolidated: 2,340 (as of April 1, 2016)



1968 Established as Computer Engineers, Ltd. in Tokyo and started a software development business.

1978 Renamed to Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.

1990 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2001 Specified as a stock of the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.

2001 Entered the data center business to enhance and expand service offerings.

2015 Started the mid-term management plan INTEGRATE.




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