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Our aim is to foster in our students a strong yet supple spirit, and to encourage them to open up a new world for the greater good.


Business Description

Baiko is a private co-educational liberal arts university with a nearly 150-year history. It is located in Shimonoseki, on the tip of Honshu, largest of the four main islands of Japan.

We will be opening a new facility in 2019 in which infrastructures are set to promote active learning. Our objective is to incentivize collaboration and accessibility between teachers and students.



Baiko Gakuin was founded in 1872 in Nagasaki by missionary Henry Stout and his wife Elizabeth Stout as a private school for the study of the Bible and of English. In 1914, Umegasaki Jo Gakko and Kojo Jo Gakuin merged, creating Baiko Jo Gakuin. Since its establishment, its goal has been education and academic research rooted in the Kanmon region.



Department of Child Programs:

  • Child Develepment Education
  • Nursing Education

Department of Humanities Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • Japanese Literature and Literary Arts
  • Area Studies
  • English Communication
  • International Business Communication
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures

Each program consists of two elements. Baiko Basis is general education coursework, which is taken concurrently with a specialized curriculum, which varies by program. Through the combination of these elements, we strive to produce “Glocal” citizens, to act as a bridge between the global and local communities.

Typical classes include writing classes in which students receive direct guidance from a professional writer, Kanmon Fieldwork, in which students research the culture and history of the region, and foreign language guide training, in which students put their knowledge of Korean, Chinese and English to practical use. In addition, students in international business training can learn about the airline industry at affiliated overseas universities.



Address is 1-1-1 KoyoKoyocho,Shimonoseki,Yamaguchi,750 -8511,Japan


Competitive Advantages

Baiko Gakuin University offers a fulfilling three-stage overseas study program, offering students the opportunity to become more globally active by acquiring high-level language proficiency and international awareness. One such opportunity is the overseas internship in which students experience working at Walt Disney World in Florida, USA, while taking courses at Valencia College. Students also have the opportunity to study English during their summer vacation at English schools located on Cebu island in the Philippines.

Many students participate actively in such internships, and expand their ability to communicate through direct contact with different cultures. Students also experience such contact through the International Student Support Group. The number of international students enrolled at Baiko is growing, and in addition to Japanese language and culture coursework, international students have the opportunity to share the customs and culture of their native countries.





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