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Success, with flying colors

Article - December 5, 2011
Wallan Aviation is synonymous with superior quality and customer care in Saudi Arabia and the whole of the Middle East
In 1975, when the government of Saudi Arabia embarked on a vision of enriching the national economy with comprehensive development, Saad Wallan, eager to capitalize on the opportunities, left his position as sales representative at Saudi Airlines and ventured into the private sector.

He succeeded in establishing a company specializing in water and fuel transport, and in car import and sales, for which he acquired the exclusive dealership rights for Hyundai in 1985. Around that time, he decided to further pursue his passion of flying. Capt. Wallan achieved his goal and proudly received his pilot’s license from the U.S. in 1985. “That, together with my previous experience in Saudi Airlines, encouraged me to enter the new field of aviation investment; so I established Wallan Aviation [in 1995] and became the exclusive agent of Cessna in the Middle East in 1999,” recalls Capt. Wallan.

Today, Wallan Aviation is a market leader of the private aviation field and the sole dealer of Bell helicopters in Saudi Arabia. The company is a one-stop shop for aviation requirements; it operates, maintains and sells aircraft, as well as offering consulting services to ensure customers find the appropriate aircraft to accommodate their needs. For clients who prefer to fly charter, Wallan’s Business Wings division, with home bases in Riyadh and Dubai, is a full 24-hour flight operation center that grants immediate access to private air charter services year-round.

The group also runs the Wallan Flying School in Riyadh, providing professional courses following an integrated flight-training program designed by Cessna.

Wallan Aviation has been recognized for its outstanding achievements by many institutions, including the Award of Contribution by Hyundai Motor Co. in recognition of outstanding performance and contributions over 40 years, and the Cessna Aircraft Company’s Most Competitive Award. The U.S. Department of Commerce honored Capt. Wallan with the Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade for creating international trade opportunities between the United States and Saudi Arabia.