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The luxury of hi-tech healthcare

Article - July 28, 2011
Innovative and world-class healthcare from a patient-centered approach comes with the latest in technology and impressive surroundings
Walk into Asian Hospital and Medical Center today and it may seem more like a luxurious hotel than your idea of a Filipino hospital. It is the first major private hospital with tertiary care facilities in the southern Luzon corridor of metropolitan Manila and is the recognized leader of innovative, patient-centered healthcare services.

The high-tech medical center stands on 17,250 square meters of property. Over 900 employees and 160 outsourced staff, many of whom were educated abroad, tend to the 217-bed capacity medical center.

State-of-the-art technology, touch screens, and voice activated systems put Asian Hospital at the forefront of the growing medical industry in Asia. Theo Seiler, CEO at Asian Hospital and Medical Center, believes that a patient-centered approach, innovation and affordability are key factors leading the development of medical tourism in the country.

Asian Hospital maintains quality services by increasing the knowledge base of its staff, continuing training as they begin work. “Our target is to provide opportunities and identify people with high potential.” says Mr. Seiler.

He also presses that he does not regard its doctors as customers, but as partners. “I see the strength in the partnership and the very best way that can benefit the patient in terms of patient safety, services, and patient satisfaction,” he says.

In order to reach the demand of regional and international patients, Mr. Seiler emphasizes high-class facilities and services that Asian Hospital offers. “The challenge is to change the perception out there that the Philippines is not a safe place and reassure people that some of our hospitals are even of perhaps a higher standard than they can find in their own countries.”

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