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Servicing the nation’s development

Article - August 26, 2011
International companies laden with know-how are lending their expertise in management services and technology to Qatar
Paving the way in increasing the country’s connectivity is Qatar-based Gulf Bridge International, or GBI. With the Middle East’s first privately owned submarine cable system, GBI is quickly becoming the carrier’s carrier of choice for wholesale telecommunications traffic around the Gulf and beyond.

In March of this year, GBI announced the landing of its new cable at Vodafone’s international cable landing station just north of Doha. To be launched later this year, this cable system, the first of two GBI has planned in Qatar, will interconnect all Gulf countries and provide onward connectivity to Europe, Africa and Asia.  

GBI’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic network offers carriers greater bandwidth, choice, resilience and value, thereby furthering Qatar’s, and the region’s, overall advancement. “Achieving a knowledge-based society in the Gulf depends upon the availability of high-capacity fiber-optic connectivity, both here in the region and across the globe,” says Rashed Al Noaimi, chairman of GBI.

Providing Qatari companies with a broad range of professional technical and management support services is California-based AECOM.

Active in areas as varied as transportation, environment, architecture and design, economics, building engineering, program management, and program, cost and consultancy, AECOM is involved in various Qatari landmark projects. The Fortune 500 company has a long and distinguished history in the Middle East, spanning over 60 years, and has been instrumental in shaping the modern face of the region.

In Doha alone, AECOM’s handiwork can be seen in the master plans of Education City’s landscape and Heart of Doha, a downtown regeneration project. AECOM is also responsible for the environmental plan and monitoring of the New Doha Port as well as the construction consultancy for the New Doha International Airport.

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Yorifusa Wakabayashi

President and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer

Hiromi Tosha

President and Representative Director
IINO Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Wasaburo Fujimiya

Hugle Electronics Inc.

Hajime Tomizawa

President & CEO
Micro Engineering, Inc.