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Bringing Hollywood glamour to Ecuador

Article - October 17, 2011
The country’s movie-goers have been well served by Supercines, which under the guidance of Martin Schwartz Rivelis has made Ecuador’s cinemas the most modern in the world
Headquartered in Guayaquil and owned by Corporación El Rosado S.A., Supercines is the largest cinema chain in Ecuador, and has revolutionized the cinema-going experience in the country through the introduction of innovations such as digital projection, high resolution wall-to-wall screens, stadium seating, and tri-amplified Dolby® digital sound.

Eight years ago, Supercines was the third-largest cinema chain with just 10% of the market in Ecuador, but thanks to the guidance and vision of Martin Schwartz Rivelis, General Manager of the Entertainment Division for Corporación El Rosado S.A., Supercines has been catapulted to the position of market leader.

Today, the cinema chain is the top exhibitor in Ecuador, claiming 66% of the market, operating 160 screens (40 of them digital) in 16 theatres across 10 cities, and opening on average 25 screens per year. By 2013, Supercines will reach 200 screens in Ecuador. No mean feat.

To celebrate his ongoing achievements, Mr Schwartz Rivelis will be honored with the International Achievement Award in Exhibition at this year’s ShowEast Convention at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Miami/Hollywood, Florida.

“ShowEast is thrilled to recognize such an important and highly regarded executive of the international exhibition community,” stated its managing directorRobert Sunshine.

“His strategic mind and ability for understanding the business, along with his integrity in all aspects of his life, have made Martín a key element in the film industry in Ecuador and the region.”

Explaining in more detail, Mr Schwartz Rivelis added: “There are two very big film fairs in the United States: ShowWest and ShowEast. The ShowWest takes place in Las Vegas (now called Cinemacom), and the ShowEast is usually in Orlando – but is being held in Miami this year, from October 24-27. There are two conventions where everyone meets: the exhibitors, distributors, studios and so on.

“Every year two awards are given out: the Exhibitor of the Year, and Distributor of the Year. This year I have been named Exhibitor of the Year. Obviously it is an award based on the growth and development of film in Ecuador, and the success of Supercines.”

Supercine’s parent company Corporación El Rosado S.A. is one of the region’s most important industrial groups, with diverse commercial activities ranging from supermarkets, toy stores, hardware stores as well as the entertainment division with its cinemas, shopping malls and radio stations.

Since arriving at El Rosado, Mr Schwartz Rivelis has steadily expanded and developed the business portfolio under his control, which now includes the  theatrical and home-entertainment distribution for Warner Bros, Chili’s and Carl´s Jr franchises, Metropolis audio and video stores, and the Riocentro and Paseo shopping malls. Notably, Metropolis has exclusive distribution rights for premium brands including Apple and Bose Audio.

In 2004, El Rosado was appointed as the Disney theatrical and home-video distributor in Ecuador, and has since incorporated Radio Disney, Walt Disney Records, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Media Plus, under Schwartz Rivelis’ management. In that same year, Supercines also launched its exclusive VIP concept for moviegoers in select theatres.

In 2005, a new cinema concept arrived in Latin America, also initiated by Schwartz Rivelis: the GT-MAX. This is the largest non-IMAX screen in the region, with 340 square meters and more than 400 seats per screen. Supercines was also a pioneer in introducing the first digital screens in Ecuador – and, incredibly, 25% of Ecuador’s cinemas are now totally digital, compared with a worldwide average of 10-12%.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr Schwartz Rivelis has a number of new projects lined up for Supercines, including the introduction of alternative content and special school programs which will increase the theatre’s usage during off-peak times.