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Achievement through knowledge

Article - March 7, 2013
Water is an issue on everyone’s lips, and Saudi Arabia has particular challenges in providing sufficient supply for domestic and industrial markets. Soroof Aqua Solutions offers some innovative and forward-thinking solutions
Soroof Aqua Solutions (SAS) has been in operation since 2002 and is a member of the Soroof International group of companies. SAS develops and commercializes state-of-the-art environmental technologies in the field of water and wastewater treatment.
SAS differentiates itself from its competitors by serving as a single-source for water and wastewater treatment equipment and services, capable of designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing, servicing, operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment plants and equipment for both municipal and industrial customers. 
SAS has experience, and resources, and an understanding of the nature of projects in the region. 
The company’s activities include: introducing advanced and comprehensive water reclamation solutions; transferring knowledge and protecting the environment; investing in core industry and technologies; and contributing to society.
SAS plays an important role in providing water in the dry Saudi Arabian region. The local market for the water treatment business began a long time ago; the need for sweet drinking water was the major need. In later stages, when both industrial and agricultural sectors began to grow, more and better quality water was needed – and more wastewater was also generated. Thus, water treatment products were introduced.
Several features give SAS a unique edge as a solutions provider for water treatment. “We cover it all from concept to implementation,” explains Mohamed Nasr, SAS’s General Manager. “And we have expertise. Know-how is a recipe; its ingredients are inventions such as engineering, designs, drawings, procedures and methods. Together with our accumulated skills and experience  makes SAS a leader in the field.”
SAS offers process and potable water treatment plants, industrial and sewage wastewater treatment plants, water reuse and effluent recycling, desalination plants (brackish and sea water), off-gas treatment, VOC control, odor control, and biosolids treatment.
The defining moments in SAS’s history since the company was established is clear in the GM’s mind. “I would say the moment we started up our first IBAC unit in Saudi, as IBAC (Integrated Bio Active Clarifier) is our company-patented technology in the field of wastewater treatment,” says Mr. Nasr. “At this moment we were so proud of being the first Saudi Arabian company to develop and commercialize its own patent in this field.”
The key to SAS’s success lies in its clear goals. “New business opportunities can be found in many directions: strategic partnerships with other businesses, expanding our market over a larger geographical base, developing new products for niche markets, or promoting a strong web presence for our products and services,” says the GM. “Whichever direction you go in to create new business opportunities, one thing is certain: without a clear mission and vision, you will be limiting your chances for success before you even leave the starting block.”
Currently the entire world, including Saudi Arabia, has come to a new level of awareness regarding the need to conserve natural resources, especially water. A high percentage of Saudi’s national water consumption is supplied through desalination. Saudi Arabia has ambitious financial and trade development plans and along with this predicted growth comes a need for more resources such as water. The country’s latest vision to produce sufficient water resources is to recycle or reclaim water. 
In line with the government’s plans for water supply, SAS has the capability to utilize innovative technologies that bring value in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. “I think the upcoming trend is the zero-discharge concept where all wastewater is treated for reuse,” acknowledges Mr. Nasr.