Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024
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SHO-BOND MATERIAL Eyes Global Expansion

Article - February 16, 2024

Leader in construction maintenance meeting the challenge of aging infrastructure.

Through SHO-BOND Holdings’ merging of subsidiaries SHO-BOND Chemical and SHO-BOND Coupling, SHO-BOND MATERIAL was established to provide a wide range of solutions and materials for construction maintenance and disaster prevention. The company boasts a portfolio of some 500 products for civil construction projects, including pipe couplings, resins, expansion devices and adhesives.

In Japan, the field of civil engineering and maintenance will continue to be a growing market, which bodes well for SHO-BOND MATERIAL and the wider group. “It is important that we continue to work on improving the technology, materials and equipment used. We have been vigorously engaged in joint R&D projects with other players in the market to enhance the overall market,” says Shigeru Naraoka, President of SHO-BOND MATERIAL.

In the wider global market, the company aims to strengthen its business in the ASEAN region, with manufacturing operations already established in Thailand. While in the U.S., it has partnered with Structural Technologies (ST) to support infrastructure maintenance there. Mr. Naraoka adds: “ST has a very strong track record in sewer-related business and we look forward to partnering with them in this area as well.”