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Moving to Costa Rica is made easy with ARCR

Article - September 14, 2011
From the immigration process to setting up home, ARCR give comprehensive support to foreigners relocating to Costa Rica
The flow of retired baby boomers heading south is far from waning. Costa Rica is expecting the arrival of at least a million North American pensioners over the next few years, drawn by the country’s excellent healthcare system, reasonable cost of living, political stability, and high life expectancy, not to mention the fact that Costa Rica ranks at the top of the global happiness index.

Providing services to help newcomers adjust to their new country of residence is the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR), made for Americans by Americans. For over 25 years it has been assisting foreigners relocating for business or retirement. From the immigration process to selecting the right neighborhood to live in to what to buy and bring from home, ARCR helps clients overcome cultural, legal and linguistic barriers.

General manager Ryan Piercy says that although most of ARCR’s clients are retirees, the company also serves many international investors and businessmen. Over 75% are from the U.S., 8% from Canada, and the remainder from various parts of the world.

“Security and stability are two areas where Costa Rica has an advantage over neighboring countries,” says Mr. Piercy. “The friendliness of people should also be highlighted. In comparison with other countries, Costa Rica really welcomes foreigners, it is more open toward foreign cultures and this helps people to feel at home.”