Sunday, Dec 3, 2023
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Roadside stores’ comprehensive construction partner

Article - April 9, 2023

With a wide network of locations and seven decades of experience, Asahi Etic covers clients’ every need, including construction, signage, electrical and painting services.


A company that turns 70 in 2024, Asahi Etic specializes in the production, installation and upkeep of signage for roadside stores – in addition to providing a range of other services that make it a one-stop shop. The Osaka-based firm, which boasts locations across Japan and abroad, also offers store construction, electrical and painting solutions, and more.

“We’re focused on large roadside stores like car showrooms, restaurant chains and fueling stations,” President Tomoyuki Higuchi says. “Currently, there’s a need for more of these stores, and for the reconstruction and renovation of older ones. Construction needs to be finished quickly – and thanks to our integrated business model and extensive network of offices, we can meet this demand.”

In Asahi Etic’s manufacturing division, whose comprehensive output includes not only signs, but also LED light fixtures, partitions and construction components such as iron and steel metalwork, the ISO 9001-certified company ensures that the materials it uses, and the products it creates, adhere to strict quality standards.

Such is Asahi Etic’s commitment to excellence, indeed, that the company has earned industry prizes. For example, its state-of-the-art IT system for sign maintenance, Signit, was the first prize winner at the 2022 Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium Awards. “Signit uses sensors and an IoT network to remotely and constantly monitor the condition of outdoor advertisements,” Mr. Higuchi explains.

Having expanded to Vietnam in 2010 to bolster its position in Southeast Asia, the company is now strengthening its online sales platform as it seeks business growth beyond Asia. “By doing so, we can better respond to requests that may come, for example, from American and European car companies,” Mr. Higuchi notes.

When it comes to global clients, Asahi Etic is also targeting firms that are looking to establish themselves in Japan. "If you’re an overseas company and are thinking of expanding into this country, please contact us,” Mr. Higuchi says.