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Lobraus’ total trade solutions

Article - September 12, 2011
New head-quarters in Uruguay lend Lobraus a extra competitive edge
Uruguay has attracted some of the most successful U.S. companies to its shores who are helping put Uruguay on the corporate world map. Lobraus is an excellent example.

Originally established in 1989 in Los Angeles, Lobraus provides total foreign trade solutions, conveniently centralizing all operations from a single platform and taking full advantage of Uruguay’s Free Port law, which allows for the free movement of goods in transit, unlimited storage time, and exemption to local taxes and customs duties, among other things.

“The discovery of the Free Port law completely changed the quality of our services, strengthening the efficiency of our logistical chain,” explains Renato Ferreira, founder and president.

Lobraus’ Montevideo port and ultra-modern warehouse are a vital link in the company’s special ‘end-to-end’ service, which manages door-to-door global trading operations, as well as in its ambition to create a ‘gateway’, where more containers are opened and value is added.

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Yorifusa Wakabayashi

President and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer

Hiromi Tosha

President and Representative Director
IINO Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Wasaburo Fujimiya

Hugle Electronics Inc.

Hajime Tomizawa

President & CEO
Micro Engineering, Inc.


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Hi , Renato This is Chico That
I Knew You From LA , Where
You were Had Been Nearby Inglewood.