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Casacon, a shopping experience for Angolans, near and far

Article - April 3, 2014
Angola's leading retail company, Casacon is truly becoming a household name. In addition to its five physical shops – in Luanda, Viana, Lobito, Catumbela and Lubango – the 10-year old company also opened what was Angola’s first online store in 2010, which today boasts over 30,000 registered clients
According to General Director Renata Carvalho, the target of the online business is to be about one-third of total sales. Moreover, cyber orders take a mere five days to be delivered to outlying provinces, and just two days in the Luanda area. For Ms Carvalho, a native of Brazil, these are “impressive” delivery times, for even Brazil’s superstore, Submarino, takes up to a week to deliver. 
Under the motto “family shopping”, the retail giant offers more than 15,000 registered products in the broadest range of categories, from home and garden, baby products and appliances to electronics, construction materials and furniture (including high-end furniture, thanks to the firm’s partnership with Italy’s Brinna brand).

In fact, Casacon was also Angola’s very first home centre and realises B2B activities, furnishing residential and business buildings, hotels and even hospitals and clinics.
As for its own customers, Casacon helps them by financing their purchases. Indeed, the company was the first Angolan shop to allow customers to pay in instalments – a major reason why Business Initiative Directions (BID) recognised Casacon’s efforts to promote positive change in its market. 
Last but certainly not least, Casacon also reaches out to the less fortunate, by making donations of furniture and gifts to homeless children shelters.