Monday, Oct 2, 2023
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Producing the systems and filtering media required for a continuous safe water supply

Article - January 26, 2023

A leading total solutions provider in the field of water treatment, Tohkemy Corporation creates end- to-end solutions for companies that focus on new technologies.


“I’m interested in bringing the technologies and know-how we’ve accumulated over 57 years in Japanese water treatment to new markets.”
Kazuhiko Hosotani, President & Representative Director, Tohkemy Corporation

Founded in 1965, Tokhemy Corporation started life as a supplier of materials and machine parts to engineering companies before moving into the water treatment industry. According to company president Kazuhiko Hosotani, the company’s strength resides in its ability to provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

Striking the balance between durability, functionality and affordability can be tricky, but by paying attention to both production volume and transport cost, Tokhemy is more than capable of keeping its customers satisfied.

With six factories already in operation in Japan, the water treatment specialist has enhanced its procurement chain in Southeast Asia to lower handling and transportation costs and has recently established a company in South Korea to facilitate the procurement of quality sand resources. Such measures have gone a long way to reducing the logistical issues faced by other industries in the Asian region, where lockdown and rising oil prices have wreaked havoc on supply chains.

But Tokhemy has another advantage over its competitors, having moved from sourcing and supplying components to an integrated system that encompasses design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and after sales.

“Our major customers make time to find solutions for users, but not to maintain their equipment. Tokhemy can take care of the whole system, and provide the systems required for a small-scale water treatment plant,” says Mr. Hosotani.

Having shifted its focus to Super Micro Filtration (SMF) technology to meet changing market demands, the company is starting to look beyond Japanese borders for suitable business partners. “Tokhemy,” as Mr. Hosotani says, “cannot stand alone.”

As well as accepting African students every year as part of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) program, Tokhemy is now focusing its attention on the developing world in order to increase the water supply in countries that need it most.

“Instead of exporting complete products from Japan,” Mr. Hosotani says, “we will proceed with local procurement based on the idea of ‘local production for local consumption’”, a move which could lower costs for developing countries by half. “You can’t expect to sell a product in a country which can’t afford it,” Mr. Hosotani affirms.

Nothing is more important, it seems, than pursuing new business in the spirit of cooperation, and Tokhemy is looking forward to forging fresh partnerships in ASEAN as well as African countries. To this end, a six-point plan has been devised to ensure new markets have access to affordable, safe, and secure water purification. Key to the enterprise, as Mr. Hosotani is keen to emphasize, is the ability to find a local partner whom the corporation can trust.

Closer to home, meanwhile, change is afoot within the company itself, with Mr. Hosotani planning to hand over the reins to his son in 2023. Discussing the future president’s leading priorities, he says: “In the first instance it is important to solidify our foundation in the domestic market.  Second, I would like to expand Tokhemy’s business style overseas and establish a joint venture company in at least three other countries.”

Also on the agenda: a commitment to using clean energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels, thus fostering the shift towards carbon neutrality.