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Professional marine services

Article - December 12, 2012
Top marine support and transportation services available in every energy region in the world
Seabulk Offshore Operators Nigeria Limited is a 100 per cent indigenous company, providing marine support and transportation businesses, serving a global offshore marketplace, and operating in every major region of the world. The company is an example of and a reason for the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping’s commitment to indigenous companies.

Seabulk Offshore ranks second in the region. It is committed to supporting vessel market demands, owning the world’s largest offshore fleet of 135 vessels. Dealing primarily in vessels management, consultancy, support and marine services, Seabulk’s range of services and specificity of approach set it at the forefront of the maritime industry.

Seabulk’s Maintenance and Repair Services department is an integral part of operations. Its dedicated team of qualified operations, technical and engineering professionals ensures the highest standard of service to clients.

A strategic alliance with Seacor Marine Inc solidifies staff training and best industry practice. Training reviews and assessments, exchange programmes and sponsored training courses for staff are part of in-country maintenance and repair services. Professional skill sets are constantly monitored and reviewed as part of taking on new vessels.

Seabulk Offshore demonstrates absolute technical expertise in running a maintenance facility, with a constant evaluation of requirements. The ONNE Port Harcourt Facility comprises two separate buildings on 650m2. The first is an in-house training complex; the other a fully-mechanised 210.5m2 warehouse, operating repair facilities and a base for complete vessel support, mooring, crane and stacking areas.

   Close to the maintenance facility, Seabulk’s dry docking facility sets the tone for quality control. Mechanical engineering, engine overhaul, steel work, fabrication, welding and pipework services are provided. Seabulk engineers are highly regarded for their workmanship and professional attitude towards all aspects of ship repair.

With teams of professionals spanning the globe, safe operations and the protection of the environment are Seabulk’s foundation of operation. Practices include behaviour-based safety schemes, and web safety portals to facilitate information sharing.

Seabulk Offshore makes huge contributions to West African market demands of faster vessels and more storage. With the world’s largest fleet, they are upgrading and replacing older vessels. They are building and commissioning faster Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs), traveling 22 to 25 knots against the current norm of 12 to 14 knots. Most substantially, they boast the recent addition of Seabulk Africa – one of 30 boats drafted to the region last year.

Seabulk Africa is a UT 755L design, 236ft long with a deck area of 51 x 13.5 metres, targeted at deepwater support operations. It has a submerged dead weight of 3,350 tons, a crew of 26, a Class 1 dynamic positioning system and a rescue zone. It also meets harsh environment and firefighting capabilities. With higher storage capabilities than most, the ship holds 200m3 base oil and up to 1000m3 liquid mud or fuel oil. It is built with the environmentally sound capabilities of carrying waste mud and self-washing tanks.

Seabulk Offshore works with local and multinational bids, supporting production operations globally. It meets market demands as well as targeted growth areas. And it does it all with sophisticated, technically and environmentally advanced equipment. At the heart of its success, Seabulk is dedicated to promoting a culture in which employees feel responsible for the environment, their own safety and the safety of the people around them.

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