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Raising the standards

Article - September 27, 2011
Qatar’s energy sector boasts some of the world’s highest standards, and Velosi has emerged as the preferred supplier of management services.
Velosi’s project management program oversees quality at each stage, from purchasing through commissioning. The company excels at delivering ISO management system certifications and safety inspections, and works closely with giants such as Exxon Mobil.

“We started in Qatar with source inspections and worldwide inspections for Qatar Petroleum,” explains regional manager Pandra Sudhir. “Slowly, we spread our wings to local third party inspections and project certifications. We now are involved in most of the projects done by Qatar Petroleum, QatarGas and RasGas, supporting them with certification and verification as well as supporting the technical inspection team from the client’s side.”

“Sometimes it is easy to land a first contract given your strong global brand but to sustain and renew contracts requires local expertise. That is where Velosi has a chance to shine and show what it is worth,” he adds.

Velosi’s service portfolio is expanding, offering asset integrity consultations, HSE solutions and specialized NDT. The company itself is also growing through mergers and acquisitions, incorporating other companies into the Velosi group smoothly. “Our strategy is to amalgamate them into our group by offering their services.  Our ultimate aim is to provide an integrated and one-stop solution for our clients,” says Mr. Sudhir.