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Nomads of the Seas - Experience the beauty of Patagonia

Article - September 15, 2011
A unique service offers a special way to enjoy the wonders of Patagonia – by land, sea and air

Nomads of the Seas is a new ecotourism concept in travel that offers travellers the opportunity to see magnificent Patagonia as never before. Its ship, The Atmosphere, is a groundbreaking aero-maritime vessel – which means you can explore the mythical land of Patagonia by air, land and water.

Thanks to a first-rate crew and a cutting-edge vessel, Nomads of the Seas can deliver the thrill of whale-watching, bird-watching, nature photography, and a varied selection of outdoor adventures in unexplored surroundings of incredible beauty. Moreover, this remote area in the Southernmost corner of the world is recognised by many as the ultimate fly-fishing destination on the planet.

With only 18 fishing guests and 10 non-fishing guests, the expedition team can give clients unparalleled levels of personalised and professional service.  Our expert guides will inform and educate guests on the geography and history of the landscape.

Sailing journeys through breathtaking fjords and channels where native American Indians and famous explorers once navigated, the trip takes you on delightful journey into Patagonia’s virgin wilderness and untouched natural parks to witness its unique flora and fauna, as well as the Andes mountains and the distant Pacific Ocean. Every day guests wake up in a spectacular new setting carefully chosen by the crew, who take account of changing weather conditions to maximise the opportunities for fishing.

Each daily expedition takes clients on an exploratory journey, with the very best professional guides, under the highest safety standards. Between activities guests can relax and enjoy luxury and comfort onboard, with delicious Chilean gourmet cuisine and wines, and even a luxurious spa.

Andres Ergas, founder of Nomads of the Seas says: "Fly-fishing, heliski and nature have been my life’s passions, prompting me to travel to the most unexplored corners of the world. Having flown and sailed endless hours and scouted various lands, I have concluded that Chilean Patagonia is definitely one of the most wonderful places on earth. Its magical surroundings are the perfect setting for an operation where passion and technology combine to create an unparalleled adventure in the planet’s Southernmost lands.

“Our guests have the chance to savour this untouched paradise in the comfort and safety of a beautiful state-of-the-art ship, the Atmosphere. With years in the making, the Atmosphere is a truly versatile vessel that has been selected, among the planet’s top ten Explorer Yachts by Super Yacht Magazine and as one of the top ten fishing venues of the World by Forbes Magazine.

“Its unique platform allows you to explore this pristine area in three dimensions - air, land and water. Snow-capped peaks, crystal clear rivers and lakes, fjords, cold jungles, glaciers and the volcanoes of the Southern Andes come together in an invigorating mix that combines different and new custom-made adventures that will, without a doubt, knock your socks off.”

“I invite you sail, fly and walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and Captain Fitzroy in the unique and mythical land of Patagonia.”