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Graña y Montero. Engineering and construction to timed precision

Article - October 17, 2012
In Peru, Grupo Graña y Montero (GyM) needs no introduction
As the largest and oldest engineering and construction firm in the country, GyM has been the name behind countless projects of all sizes in the energy, building, mining, petroleum, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Of its many sources of professional pride, the one that stands out most is GyM’s track record for staying true to its Before Deadline Compliance policy, delivering its contracts on or before their due dates.

Similarly, GyM’s corporate citizenship is another aspect that makes the company so successful and respected in Peru today. General Manager Mario Alvarado says that the company’s workers receive thorough training that places them at the top of their class. On another corporate social responsibility note, the Peruvian giant is ever aware and respectful of the communities in the areas in which it operates. 

According to Mr. Alvarado, GyM has grown on average 32% per year for the past seven years. In 2011, the company saw 66% revenue growth over the previous year, to nearly $2.55 million, although part of that can be attributed to the $20 million acquisition of Compañía Americana de Multiservicios (CAM), an electricity products and services company.

This acquisition falls right in line with the GyM’s internationalization strategy. Already present in Chile and Colombia on a project-by-project basis, the company would like to take a permanent place in these markets.


Diego O.
31/07/2013  |  22:42
100% of 1

Great debut in NYSE raising $413 million through its IPO. will be tracking this stock fo sho!