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Connecting Equatorial Guinea

Article - October 14, 2013
Zagope is the Equatoguinean arm of Andrade Gutierrez, one of the leading developers of infrastructure in the world, which last year presented a turnover of over 500 million euros. Now they are using their knowledge and skills in the West African country
Zagope - Construction and Energy (Construções e Engenharia) SA was founded in 1967, with its corporate purpose being to serve third parties, either directly or in partnership with them to carry out private construction work or engineering studies.

Zagope is part of the Brazilian Andrade Gutierrez Group, one of the largest private collections in Latin America. The company specialises in public works in the engineering, construction, concessions, telecommunications, energy and health sectors. 
2011 was marked by great economic and financial instability, especially in the European market, with the crisis seen in the past few years becoming more pronounced. Conversely the focus placed by Zagope in the internationalisation process was more than ever shown to be the right decision, seeing as, despite the current global situation, Zagope presented a turnover of €506 million, with 83 per cent of that amount originated in the international area. 
In addition to this, whereas in 2010 Zagope had 5,704 collaborators, it ended 2011 with 7,963, an increase of approximately 19 per cent over the numbers of the previous year, contradicting the general tendencies and, especially, the trends in the construction market that demand was falling.
Despite having been affected by unexpected events, such as the incidents in Libya that led the company to temporarily leave the country, Zagope also began doing in business in new markets such as Qatar, India, United Arab Emirates and Ghana. Africa is a focus for the company as it seeks to exploit expansion opportunities.
Manuel Antonio Saraiva is the General Manager of Zagope, EG, and he talks about the influence the company can have on Equatorial Guinea and Africa.

The African continent possesses an unquestionable potential for growth and we are focused on taking opportunities to contribute to this expansion.

Manuel Saraiva,
General Manager
Zagope EG
“The company has a strong presence in the construction business in Africa and especially in Equatorial Guinea, which is one of the essential pillars of our expansion in the continent. Our portfolio in Africa includes airports, dams, ports, roads, metros and viaducts. The African continent possesses an unquestionable potential for growth and we are focused on taking all opportunities to contribute to this expansion,” he says.
In Equatorial Guinea, Zagope works for the Ministry of Public Works, part of the African country's government. In October last year, the Urbanistic Project of the Mongomeyen Municipality was successfully completed. The projected consisted of a 7.5 kilometre (4.7 mile) road extension, incorporating intersection and street layout changes. 
“Our company is currently developing (and has developed) a set of infrastructures in Equatorial Guinea, the runway for the Mongomeyen Airport has been a great success and is already in use and the Mongomeyen-Ebebeyin motorway is being built now; both projects in our understanding, have a key role in the national economy and greatly contribute to advancements in the quality of life in the country. The creation of infrastructure enables accelerated growth across all areas of Equatorial Guinea,” says Mr Saraiva.
The Mongomeyen-NsokNsomo-Ebibeyin motorway development involves a 63.3 kilometre (39.3 mile) extension, with each direction being composed of two lanes, measuring 3.6 metres (3.9 yards) in width. This motorway expansion will facilitate traffic in the north-western region of Equatorial Guinea and in the connections to Cameroon and Gabon. The project will also create important access to the airport in the region.   
The company has also been awarded four new contracts in Equatorial Guinea.
“The four new contracts consist of the project for the access junction to the Mongomeyen Airport, which will complete the connection between the access road to the airport and the motorway that will lead to Oyala, the future capital of Equatorial Guinea.
“The road connection Ebolowaa-Santa Maria, with an extension of 102 kilometres, is another one of the new projects, and will include the construction of two bridges with 145 and 200 metres of extension. The Group is also responsible for the renovation and enlargement of the main access road to Mongomeyen and for the execution of an access junction between the road connecting the Mongomeyen Airport and Nkue (Bata)-Mongomo road,” he says.

We believe our presence in Equatorial Guinea will bring significant conquests that will reinforce national identity in the medium and long term.

Hugo Carreira, Commercial Director of Zagope
In June 2011 Zagope obtained recognition for its work in Angola, receiving certification for its Quality and Safety Management System in Angola.

This was due to the results of a process that involved various training and awareness actions, along with external audits in offices in Luanda. The award also recognised the work done on sites throughout Angola, and Zagope’s ability to maintain and comply with the highest international quality, safety and occupational health standards.
Their work has also had a profound effect on Equatorial Guinea and Mr Saraiva recognises this.
“We believe our presence in Equatorial Guinea will bring significant conquests that will reinforce national identity in the medium and long term. I am convinced that, with our experience, we can generate a drive in the national infrastructure sector and contribute to the country so it can reach high economic and social development targets. 
“Apart from the projects themselves, we also have social concerns, having supplied bridges, generators and supported small renovation works in order to actively take part in the improvement of the quality of life of our local communities.

We are confident that the work we have carried out in the country is proof of our know-how, dedication and quality; these are decisive factors which ensure a successful partnership,” he concludes.


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