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Property developer with ambitions beyond Ghana

Article - February 29, 2012
From modest beginnings, Manet Housing has become the second-largest real estate developer in Ghana, and is now listed among the top 20 companies in the country

To date, Manet Housing has built over 1800 homes: first among its accomplishments was the 350-home Manet Cottage development in Accra. The fully detached houses comprise two, three and four bedroom standard, deluxe and executive homes. This project met with great enthusiasm and was sold-out before completion. The success of that project provided the platform for three other developments; the Manet Cottage annex, the Manet Gardens (similar to Manet Cottage) and the Manet Ville – which for the first time offered elegant and affordable semi-detached homes.

The Manet Group is now set to grow via a two-pronged strategy of nationwide expansion and business segmentation. In a bid to replicate its award-winning business model, the Group is embarking upon the construction of luxurious, affordable high-rise apartment buildings.

The Manet Group is also developing new capabilities and competences in the areas of hospitality, leisure and commercial office development, and also has ambitious plans international expansion. Its founder and CEO Dr. Theresa Oppong Beeko says, “I cannot fully predict the effects the Manet Group will have on the Ghanaian economy but I am certain, nonetheless, that we will extend the scope of our business well beyond the borders of Ghana.”