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Don Luis moves the nation

Article - August 5, 2014
Don Luis provides top-flight logistics solutions in a country where moving cargo, especially oil, is primordial for the economy’s day-to-day activities
With its rapidly improving infrastructure and the rise of investments in multiple market sectors, Equatorial Guinea is poised to become a leader of development and economic capital of the African continent. Its per capita income is already five times higher than other African countries and it has seen great success in its petroleum industry, thanks to a strong partnership with the United States.

The nation is now focused on harnessing its other resources, guided by the Horizon 2020 plan, the long-term development plan initiated by the government in 2007, put in place for initiatives in policy-making for an emergent and sustainable economy, while also looking to reduce poverty.

The plan’s major aim is to diversify the nation’s economy. Since the discovery of oilfields in the region in the mid-90s, the logistics sector has experienced a major boom. Don Luis has become one of the country’s most efficient logistics companies.

After having worked at a similar company in Spain, Luis Ondo, Don Luis’ CEO, transferred his vision to Equatorial Guinea. Despite early challenges, such as the lack of infrastructure at the time, the company grew and thrived. Now, Don Luis is known for transparency, reliability, efficiency, and client service.

Indeed, client services are completely customized, according to Mr. Ondo. “Every time we take on a large project…we train employees to work alongside our clients so that together we can make adjustments to expertise,” he says.

The company’s reputation has resulted in major partnerships with large companies. Now they are looking towards partnerships with larger entities for joint projects with a view of expanding Don Luis in the face of competition. According to Mr. Ondo, it is a good time to invest in the country – its economy and political situation are stable and secure. He notes that the stellar relationship the country maintains with the U.S. – in particular in the oil sector – means reliable and stable business. Its people are also worth investment; Mr. Ondo cites the many employees who, with hard work and training, have moved up the corporate ladder, some even acquiring executive positions abroad – a record that, as Mr. Ondo maintains, is an “honor” for the company. As for Don Luis, the CEO is convinced it will play a role in the shaping of the country’s future: “I see Don Luis as a useful tool for the advancement of Guinean society.”