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Top quality leadership

Article - September 21, 2012
What health cover is provided by Somagec? Are social security benefits respected?

From my point of view, which is shared by my colleagues, I would say the social security situation here is normal; all laws are complied with as expected. Personally, I have not had any need of health benefits because so far I have not had any serious health problems, but if I do I think the company would help me as they have helped other people. There are many colleagues who have been seriously injured and have been taken abroad to be treated. In light of this, I believe Somagec has all of its social security obligations covered. 

What are your aspirations within the company? How far would you like to go?

I aspire to develop my career, to be able to learn and become more knowledgeable. We all have to aspire to do more to improve. I would go for any post that would stretch me further, from CEO of Somagec to CEO of the quarry or head of maintenance and so on. If any of these positions were offered to me I would be delighted, as they would give me the chance to be part of inspiring future generations who would look at my progress and career development and be encouraged to aspire to do the same.

What qualities to you see in the leadership at Somagec?

In my opinion they are great bosses because they work and manage well, and when I see them in reports on TV they come across really well and portray a great image of themselves and the company. Also, they are very approachable and personable, with the attitude of “although I may be the boss, I am also human”.

My bosses in general have all been good, from the first to the most recent, working hard to push the company forward, which is a good thing.