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Developing beautiful Mexico

Article - November 2, 2012
Fonatur's Integrally Planned Resorts are models for tourism worldwide
For nearly four decades Fonatur, Mexico’s national trust fund for tourism development, has pioneered the way for Integrally Planned Resorts (IPRs), bringing the tourism industry in Mexico to a whole new level.

Fonatur attributes 38 years of success to a strategy of developing from the bottom up, and guarantees sustainability through ecological means. Its multidisciplinary approach guides small and medium local businesses to build upon their strengths, uniting to give tourism in Mexico a world-class status. 

Recently, attention has been called to three of Fonatur’s major development projects: Huatulco, Loreto and Cancún. Each location brings to the table a unique regional experience with the same kind of luxury and natural beauty we have come to expect from Mexico.

Huatulco is situated just 277 kilometres away from the state capital of Oaxaca and 763 kilometres from Mexico City. The people there are as dedicated to tourism as they are to environmental conservation and sustainability, and for good reason. Huatulco encompasses a unique variety of precious terrain, and in 2006 its national park was even designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

In 2010 Huatulco teamed up with Earth Check and became the first community in the world to achieve Earth Check Gold, previously the Green Globe award. This is quite an accomplishment considering the certification and judgment process is rigorous, based on seven internationally recognised standards, namely: environmental legislation, energy efficiency, clean water and residuals, biodiversity, treatment of solid and dangerous residuals, diffusion, and the culture and training of the community.

Thanks to such high ecological standards, Huatulco now seems to have it all: a successful industry for tourism and a very clean, bright future.

The traditional Mexican town of Loreto, located in the middle of the Baja California Peninsula, has been fairly unknown until recently and offers some very unique opportunities to investors and tourists. Loreto lives up to the reputation of a Fonatur IPR (Integrally Planned Resort) as a world-class destination, without the world-class price tag. It remains one of the few places on the map where one cannot buy luxury, but simply finds it on all sides.

Cancún not only holds bragging rights as Fonatur’s first IPR, but to a long legacy of booming industry and flawless infrastructure. Year after year Cancún has proven itself to be not only ecologically sustainable, but economically as well. What’s more, Cancún is now reinventing itself with the new residential zone of Tajamar Cancún, creating new experiences for the tourist and new investment opportunities for anyone interested in taking part in an industry already dubbed, ‘world-class’.

For further information about any of these projects, call toll free (USA) +1-877-847-8183, (United Kingdom) +44 (0)800-0287-962, or (Mexico) +52 55 5090 4249.