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Energy Mexico brings energy to the next level

Article - January 13, 2016

A new business era has begun in Mexico. Two years after the so-called energy reform ended the state monopoly that ruled for 70 years, private sector companies are getting ready to seize all the opportunities that will arise thanks to this new regulatory framework.

The access gate to this new market is called Energy Mexico Oil Gas Power 2016 Expo & Congress, and it will take place on January 26-28 in the Centro Banamex convention center, in Mexico City. For the first time after the overhaul undertaken by the reform, there will be an event specially designed to offer the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry, high-level networking opportunities, and the most advanced tools to make the difference in this brand new business environment.

Energy Mexico 2016 presents a showroom specifically configured to allow companies to engage and close new deals by finding the latest technological, operational and financial solutions in the industry. Likewise, participants will be able to connect with the leading key players in the market, since Energy Mexico 2016 has been able to gather the CEOs of the main Mexican and international energy companies in the same place for the first time in the country.

At the same time, Energy Mexico 2016 will host the most relevant conference of the sector in Mexico. The event will introduce for the first time to the main worldwide specialists and experts in energy the opportunity to discuss the next steps of the energy reform and the new role of Mexico in the global energy map. Names like Adam Sieminski, Director of the US Energy Information Administration, can be found among the featured speakers at Energy Mexico 2016.

Energy Mexico 2016 is the first initiative of its kind promoted directly by the private sector. Organized by the energy project consulting firm EnergeA, and the worldwide leader in exhibition and conference management company E.J. Krause de México, it also has the support of the Mexican Ministry of Energy and a strategic alliance with the international firm Energy Intelligence because of its direct impact on the industry’s development.

Energy Mexico 2016 is a unique opportunity. The main stakeholders will meet there to shape the new era of doing business in the Mexican energy industry.

Become a key player. Become part of Energy Mexico 2016.

For more information, please visit www.energymexico.mx and follow the event on Facebook and Twitter using #EnergyMX2016.