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The one-stop portal to fun and adventure

Article - August 23, 2012
For vacationers in Aruba, high-ranking De Palm Tours focuses all its efforts on ensuring there is something for everyone

Planning a vacation to a paradisiacal island sounds fabulous, until one gets down to the details, the dizzying array of options, and the logistics. In Aruba, one tour company offers nearly everything tourists could possibly fathom, thereby making it easier to organize the perfect fun-filled, sun-drenched trip.

Calling itself a “one-stop portal to fun and adventure”, De Palm Tours has a smorgasbord of activities which includes island bus and jeep tours, submarine tours, and sailing and snorkelling from a catamaran. In other words, there is something for every taste and pace.

In addition, De Palm owns Aruba’s only all-inclusive destination: De Palm Island. On this little sandy oasis surrounded by coral reefs, the fun never ends. From banana boat rides and sea trek underwater helmet walks, to waterslides, SNUBA (similar to SCUBA diving) and organized daily activities, guests will easily work up an appetite for De Palm Island’s all-you-can-eat buffet and open bar. For those who opt for relaxation, wading in the island’s crystalline, turquoise waters can nicely finish up a pampering massage right on the beach.

Back on the main island, De Palm tours take visitors to unique destinations, such as the Natural Pool, where the only way of getting there is by De Palm’s four-wheel drive Land Rovers. On the water, catamarans cruise by day to take guests snorkelling and sailing, and by night to allow visitors to enjoy sunset and dinner. Underwater, Atlantis Submarines dive to depths up to 130 feet to give guests a fabulous view of colorful schools of tropical fish, huge sponge gardens, beautiful coral fields and two sunken wrecks.

De Palm has been in the business for more than 50 years and has, over this time, garnered tremendous expertise in customer service and has all but cornered the market in tourism activities, thanks to its diversified offering of products and services. Indeed, De Palm Tours is ranked second in Trip Advisor’s list of tours in Oranjsted and sixth overall in Aruba, while De Palm Island is in the top 17 of all Aruban attractions.

Warren Stanley, General Manager of De Palm Corporation, says that rather than branching out to other islands, the company will continue to concentrate on maximizing the opportunities in Aruba, while seeking “out the resources and technologies to be less of a burden on the environment” – a strategy in line with Aruba’s quest to go green.