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Colombia opens its doors to a great fair on reinventing the brick and design sector

Article - May 29, 2015

Until May 24, Expoconstrucción and  Expodiseño 2015 in Bogota summon 520 exhibitors, 60,000 visitors and more than 1,500 buyers from the sector.

The creative force that reinvents daily the field of architecture in different latitudes, is set out in Bogotá during the XIII version of Expoconstrucción and Expodiseño 2015 organized by the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogota - Corferias-, the Colombian Chamber of Construction – Camacol - and design promoters Prodiseño.

Establishing itself as the second most representative fair in Latin America, this site is ideal for generating new business with Colombian and foreign business people in the construction industry, design and infrastructure.

In this version, under the concept of sustainable architecture as innovative design for homes and offices; where environmental conservation and the generation of new technologies in automation, supplies and service are promoted.

According to the CEO of Camacol, Sandra Forero, this momentum for construction makes different industries related to the sector boost, strategically achieving common benefits that go far beyond chains or the demand for supplies, impacting in productivity and competitiveness from the joint businesses.

"This fair is an example of such initiatives. In addition, we are making progress on a strategy to support the sector so that it gets into the Productive Transformation Program (PTP) and in this context we want to promote actions for the growth of the market of construction supplies," she stated.

Colombia exported about $2,000 million annually in major construction supplies, a figure that could increase taking advantage of the export potential and external demand, so this stage potentiates the alternatives of association in an international environment.

"We must promote actions to have a surplus trade balance. The Fair is that, one more space for the identification of markets, products and potential customers, to support the development of our industry in the domestic and foreign context," added Sandra Forero.

The event features the participation of exhibitors specialized in innovation for construction and architecture. In different forums, design management is analyzed and also the effective interaction of the actors to know how to simplify project management; other points addressed are the evolution and the current and future state of the model Lean Construction, its contribution to the sector and good the practices applied in economies of different levels.

Similarly, the challenges in architectural and urban design on a global level, the new technology standards in buildings and the tools to monitor the creative process of building projects are shown.

The alternatives on transport logistics as a strategic factor in the efficiency of processes to improve competitiveness, can also be seen in exhibition projects that mitigate the impact of the sector in urban mobility.

The fair exhibits, in Bogota, the latest trends in construction materials and the techniques of the future in the design of buildings with success in the management, the generation of new technologies in automation of supplies and services, as well as environmental conservation.

The most striking architectural finishes, the findings from universities and specialized publications that promote development and growth, are brought together in an exhibition area of more than 20 thousand square meters, making Expoconstrucción and Expodiseño 2015 a scenario where art, engineering and business are combined.