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Business alliance between J&T Recycling Corporation (JFE Group) and JESCO Holdings Inc.,

Article - April 21, 2023

J&T Recycling Corporation (President: Tetsuo Tsuyuguchi, Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa, hereinafter "J&T Recycling Corporation ") and JESCO Holdings (Chairman and CEO: Toshihiro Matsumoto, Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo, hereinafter "JESCO Holdings") have recently signed a business alliance agreement to promote the reuse and recycling of solar panels in cooperation.

The agreement was signed in order to promote the reuse and recycling of solar panels in cooperation with JESCO Holdings. Currently, the spread of photovoltaic power generation is progressing rapidly due to the government's renewable energy promotion policy towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050, but a large number of discarded panels are expected to be generated in the 2030s, when the product life of solar panels installed after the start of the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme in 2012 will come to an end.

In recent years, the number of panels being disposed of before the end of their product life has been increasing. In recent years, an increasing number of panels have been disposed of due to natural disasters, breakdowns and replacements before the end of their product life, and their proper disposal has become a social issue from the perspective of promoting resource recycling.

In order to solve this problem, J&T Recycling Corporation opened a solar panel recycling plant in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, in December last year. In the midst of these developments, JESCO Holdings, which has a wealth of experience in the construction and maintenance of solar power plants throughout Japan, and J&T Recycling Corporation, which has the technology, know-how and network for the efficient collection, proper disposal and recycling of waste panels, have recently joined forces under their shared philosophy of sustainable management, J&T Recycling Corporation and JESCO Holdings have decided to form a business alliance based on the recognition that it is possible to cooperate in the establishment of a system for the reuse and recycling of waste panels, based on the shared philosophy of sustainable management.

J&T Recycling Corporation and JESCO Holdings will provide one-stop services throughout the entire lifecycle of solar power plants, from construction, O&M, renewal and dismantling to the reuse and recycling of solar panels, and will work together to support solar power plants nationwide and contribute to the realisation of a recycling-oriented and decarbonised society.