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Building a new sustainable foundation

Article - May 25, 2023

More than just a trading company, Ishihara has established a total support system to reduce construction time, cost and environmental burden.

Noriyuki Ishihara, President, Ishihara Co., Ltd.

“All gypsum board cut in our factory is 100% recycled. This is one of our strengths.”

Trading company Ishihara continues to support the construction industry with efficient practices and sustainability in mind. Company president Noriyuki Ishihara is clear about the growing scarcity of resources, both in nature and the local population, where he believes optimization, sustainability and automation are going to be key.

“First, as an environmentally friendly company, when using gypsum board, it is pre-cut at the factory, so no waste is generated at the construction site. This is one of our strengths,” he says.

“Due to the labor shortage these days, it is difficult to secure human resources, and it is difficult to im- prove work efficiency, so we have to introduce new technologies such as robots. All companies now have to come up with new technolo- gies such as robotics, while CAD and CAM software continue to aid customer satisfaction. If you are a company that embeds multiple sources of data accurately then the whole process can be simplified.”

The company’s new housing brand, Fularika, is seen as an important aspect of keeping pace with the industry. “The idea behind this came because we have so many divisions related to construction,” the president explains. “There was always a thought of ‘how can we combine all of the products into one service,’ and from that we made the decision to go with this idea. Fularika combines all the best features of our company, including the manufacturing capabilities, to create a concept house.”

In terms of the future, Mr. Ishihara is determined to revitalize the region between Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures.
“We want to treasure them and provide them with the best services possible. When the time comes we would like to take that strength of ours and introduce our business overseas as well.”