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Committed to sustainable developments

Article - September 27, 2011
Sabban Property Investments’ experienced team creatively converts land into thoughtfully designed, green communities

Despite the global credit crunch, Qatar’s real estate growth shows little sign of slowing down as most projects in both the public and the private sector are going ahead as planned. Qatar is increasingly moving towards green building practices, where Sabban Property Investments (SPI) is already playing a key role. The company has been actively involved in the initial meeting regarding the formation of the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) and has also been awarded the Qatar Today 2008 Green Award for Green Roof and Building Design, as well as being runner up in the Environmental Leadership category. As the first carbon neutral developer in the GCC region, SPI is well aware that this position does not only entail reducing CO2 emissions in its own projects, but also means contributing towards worldwide projects. These international ventures have included assisting in the development of renewable energy in India through wind turbine and solar projects, the development of a renewable energy plant in New Zealand as well as an educational project in Jamaica.

The company’s main attractions in Qatar, Sabban Towers, are located on the prestigious The Pearl-Qatar development. With sweeping harbor and sea views, Sabban Towers are the custodians of some of the most fashionable apartments and lavish penthouses on the man-made island. “The smallest thing like fitting buildings with energy efficient light bulbs or having appliances that adhere to Grade A efficiency can make a huge difference. That is what we have done with the 522 apartments available at Sabban Towers,” says Arron Browne, sales and marketing manager.

Mr. Browne comments that the company welcomes partnerships with U.S. investors in the construction and development industries. “We would find great value in working with companies that can help increase the sustainability of our future buildings. We would also be interested in working with environmental groups in the U.S. and around the world.”

The company’s future shows a lot of potential as the region begins to value green building practices as the new standard. “Apart from projects in Qatar and KSA, we will be launching a new real estate arm that will go to the extent of taking 100% property management.”