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HOWZAT! Bangladesh has shown it can stage world-class events and has enhanced its position in the sporting world

Article - December 16, 2011
The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was first time Bangladesh had co-hosted such a major international sporting event and enabled the former Pakistani province to display its capacity to showcase world-class sporting competitions and cemented its place as a global cricket destination.
Headquartered in Dhaka, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is the nation’s main governing body for the sport and was instrumental in the success of the competition. “We got a lot of support from the ICC and from the government,” says Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, president of the board at BCB. “The government gave us moral support, financial support for the development of our stadiums, and provided enough security. The government has also physically come to visit us and wanted to see that we can do it, so that we can upgrade our image to the world. Then from the Cricket Board, we had a professional and serious approach.”

The BCB was formed in 1972 and is responsible for the operation and development of cricket, maintenance of venues and selection of the national team.

“Our ideology for the World Cup was to get everyone in Bangladesh involved in it,” says Mr Kamal. “We fixed giant screens in all the district headquarters and main areas of the capital so that people could enjoy the matches together. People were glued to the games because they had never seen them presented that way before.”

President of the Board at BCB

As well as being a leading businessman, BCB’s president is passionate about cricket. He has been involved in the sport and its development in Bangladesh for the past 30 years. “Like me, there are so many people who are willing to spend money on cricket. But cricket is a game that needs a lot of money to nourish it and develop it,” says Mr Kamal. “During the World Cup I raised about $5 million [£3.2 million] from the private sector for the benefit of the game.”

  The BCB now hopes to build on the momentum generated by the publicity around the World Cup as it prepares for Bangladesh’s upcoming role as the host for the ICC World Twenty20 championship in 2014.

Twenty20 cricket, or T20 as it is also known, was originally introduced in England as a professional inter-county competition in 2003. A T20 game involves two teams, each having a single innings of around 75 minutes, batting for a maximum of 20 overs.  Hosting the ICC World Twenty20 competition will further heighten Bangladesh’s international profile in the sport and strengthen the BCB’s push for improved facilities nationwide. “We are trying to spread cricket all over Bangladesh,” says Mr Kamal. “We are trying to arrange international cricket all over the country, or at least in the major cities of Bangladesh.”

School cricket is very popular and the BCB runs a talent programme that scours the country for the best young players in its attempt to develop Bangladesh as a regional hotspot for cricketing expertise. “Here, cricket is very popular and nobody plays it just for money; we play for passion,” says Mr Kamal. “Just give us a little more time; Bangladesh will not let you down.”


02/06/2012  |  11:17
100% of 1

can bcb make order in T20 like this;

3.Junaid Siddique
4.Anamul Huque Bijoy
5.Sakib Al Hasan
6.Mushfiqur Rahim
7.Nasir Hussain
8.Mashrafi Martuza
9.Abdur Razzak
10.Shafiul Islam
11.Shahadat Hussain

because can play well in T20
as there bowling and batting strikking is good

please make like this order