Sunday, Sep 24, 2023
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A bright future for renewable energy is under construction

Article - July 18, 2023

Combining expertise in the fields of civil engineering as well as construction of hydro- power plants and housing, Fukamatsu Group can offer comprehensive solutions that benefit not only enterprises but local communities as well

Founded in 1925 and operating in a local area of Japan, Fukamatsu Gumi KK is a medium-sized construction company where Tsutomu Fukamatsu, president and CEO, successfully manages the main business while providing social benefits for the community. 

His management philosophy is based on “serving the prosperity of local communities through construction projects with respect for mutual trust,” and a 2014 investment in a solar power business was seen as part of this shift to social responsibility, with renewables a pillar of the company’s current evolution

In line with this philosophy, Fukamatsu Group made a donation to a fund supporting a joint research program undertaken by Tohoku University and Idea International — the latter being a subsidiary company of Fukamatsu Group which develops innovative nano carbon material (lithium-ion endohedral fullerenes) and its applications. The fund will be used for development of a new perovskite solar cell.

“The renewable energy business has made our company even more concrete,” says Mr. Fukamatsu. “The rental service apartments and Okinawa resort hotel are initiatives that I also added to the company’s portfolio, and we built a commercial facility on the land where homes were destroyed by the 2011 tsunami.”

While connectivity of more remote villages may be for larger companies, Fukamatsu is playing its part. “We facilitated the establishment of a small hydro-electric power plant in a small village in Toyama prefecture where my grandfather started his construction business,” Mr. Fukamatsu explains. “The village lacked funds for renovation of the tap water system and revenues from the hydro-electric power plant are utilized for repayment of the 20-year loan provided by Hokuriku Bank and the local government.”