Thursday, Oct 6, 2022
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Birth Date: 14/02/1967


Background / Biography:

Mar.1989 University graduation

Apr.1989 Joined YUEI Caster Co., Ltd.

Apr.1991 Assumed General Manager of Fukuoka Factory

Apr.1999 Assumed General Manager of Nara Factory

Oct.2008 Assumed President of YUEI Caster



Learning management know-how and what is right as a person in KYOCERA Corporation Honorary Chairman Mr. Inamori's management school "Seiwa Juku".

Enrollment period Oct.2001 to Dec.2019 (Seiwa Juku disbanded in Dec.2019)



Belonged to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and learns material mechanics, processing, and drafting.

Since joined YUEI, 30-300ton press work, CAD drawing creation, production management, purchasing work, etc.


Areas of Expertise

Logistics equipment industry, especially industrial transportation equipment, construction industry, semiconductor equipment.


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Thoroughly respond to customer with complaints. We have never lost a customer because of this and they become fans of Yuei Caster.

Together with our customers, we continue to develop and complete the casters that our customers want.


Profesional accomplishments

Achive No. 1 market share in Japan in 45 years since established.



My mentor is Mr. Inamori, honorary chairman of KYOCERA Corporation. In addition, he constantly exchanges information, gives advice, and encourages each other with his management colleagues who studied together in Seiwa Juku led by Mr. Inamori. They are best friends in the management of the company.


Goals as president

YUEI's management philosophy is"We pursue employee’s happiness of both physically and psychologically and contribute to community through development of business." Aiming for JPY 100 billionb sales companies as our goal.



A blessing in disguise.

Revere heaven, love people.