Thursday, Feb 29, 2024
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Leader Database

Akihiko Sakata


President & CEO

Company Name

Nissho Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Birth Date:


Background / Biography:

After graduating from university, I joined Nissho Sangyo in 1982. Initially, I played a pivotal role in establishing and expanding the company's nationwide logistics network. Subsequently, I dedicated myself to boosting sales to KFC Japan.

As I advanced within the company, being promoted to the position of Director & General Manager of the Administration Division, I undertook the responsibility of overseeing the entire spectrum of the company's business fields. I also implemented measures to streamline and enhance the efficiency of accounting operations.

In 2001, when the time was opportune, I assumed the leadership role from my father, the founder and then-president of Nissho. Since then, I have been at the helm, guiding the company forward.


During my university years, I focused on studies in economics and business administration.

Areas of Expertise

Currently, I consider the medical industry to be the field in which I possess profound knowledge and skills. With nearly four decades of business experience, I’ve extensively worked in industries and sectors closely related to our company's business. While I don’t like to boast about my career-related knowledge, I have acquired and applied this expertise throughout my tenure as the president of the company.

What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how

do you implement them in your management?

I believe that I’ve learned two significant lessons throughout my career. The first is rooted in the shared managerial philosophy my father and I held, which I had aspired to elucidate. This vision came to fruition in 2016 during our company's 50th anniversary. The second lesson encompasses the comprehensive knowledge and strategies I have gleaned from numerous business and management books, notably those representing the Harvard Business Review.

Profesional accomplishments

While not necessarily an achievement intended for public disclosure, I played a crucial role in revitalizing our medical business through an offshore manufacturing scheme in the late 2000s, a period during which the company's other business segments were experiencing a gradual decline. Internally, within our company, the endeavor to establish new medical brands was acknowledged as the second foundation of the company under my leadership.


The most significant influence on my professional career comes from my father, the founder of our company, who remains active and holds the position of lifetime Chairman Emeritus. I believe I deeply inherited my father's mindset and have enriched it to form our managerial philosophy. Other influential figures who have greatly assisted me in reaching the top management of the company have imparted valuable insights and courage. These individuals have provided me with the knowledge and determination on how to effectively lead and expand the company, demonstrating successful strategies from their own experiences.

Goals as president

As I strengthen the foundations of the company my father established by expanding its business fields, I believe the time has come in the next decade to pass the baton to my sons. Consequently, I aspire to serve as the ideal role model for them.