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Southern Argentine province bets on globalizing its economy

Interview - April 10, 2017

Its provincial capital is the southern-most city in the world.  Despite its remoteness and rugged beauty, Tierra del Fuego has long developed its industrial base for Argentina’s consumer market.  With the Argentine economy seeking to go global, this province intends to do the same, though its leader seeks to go beyond growing its exports.  In an exclusive interview with The Worldfolio, Governor Rosana Bertone discusses the investment areas of her province, how it will adapt to provide a more sophisticated palette of value-added goods for the global marketplace.



Since the promulgation of  the 19.640 Law in May 1972, the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Altantic, has the peculiarity of being established as one of the main industrial poles in Argentina. This law and its supplementary provisions have the benefits of economic and fiscal promotion since then.

The main industrial sectors developed under the benefits of the sub-regime of Industrial Promotion are: auto parts, plastic, fishing, electronic, textiles and confection, among others.

Province of Tierra del Fuego

Which are the opportunities and challenges for Tierra del Fuego with the reinsertion of Argentina in the world?

Over time, Tierra del Fuego has consolidated a strong industrial pole, in which installed capacity and qualified personnel, allow the island to be an excellent opportunity to incorporate production of new products for both local and international markets.

Based on these great opportunities offered by the Province, we work on regional and sectoral growth, complementing other sectors of the country, integrating value chains and adapting to the latest technological advances to make our companies more competitive.


What is the government plan for economic diversification? What are the investment opportunities offered by the province?

We are working intensely on the diversification of economic activities, contemplating them as an opportunity to grow.

We are also working to create value-added goods to the resources currently being exploited in the province, for its industrialization.

Resources from cattle raising, fishing and aquaculture allow Tierra del Fuego to offer food products for the national market and for export. The fishing industry in particular is a sector with an important future due to the importance of the fishing resources that we have in the Argentine Sea. Our sea is characterized by its extension and biodiversity, making it one of the most varied and rich fishing resources in the world.

There is also progress in the exploitation of peat and its various new uses that make the demand for it increase considerably.

The wood-producing sector is moving towards a quality industrialization, considering the incorporation of technology to the final products, such as furniture.

Taking into account the strength of the wind, our island condition and the technological advances, we aim to generate renewable energy.

Tierra del Fuego has one of the largest gas reserves in Argentina, which is why it is progressing in its industrialization and the obtaining its derivatives.

In regards to the textile sector, and in line with what we mentioned previously, we are seeking to incorporate technological advances and analyzing the possibility of making smart textiles. They are products with a high added value, that goes beyond the complements, clothing articles and sports clothes, and they are directed to fields as diverse as the architecture (with textile base), the automotive industry, security bodies, military and health activity, sport, etc. Significant growth is expected in the coming decades in this sector.

We are currently working on a project related to the production of medicines, with a company that is being set up to produce medicines that are not manufactured in Argentina or South America.

We also look to the automotive sector because we believe that it has a great potential, since today the car’s industry has a high electronic percentage; and we manufacture high level technology with the first brands worldwide. Today, Argentina is looking to start covering other South American countries markets with national industry cars.

We seek to deepen the insertion of the plastic sector in the national market.

We want to continue adapting our industries to the accelerated evolution of the technological changes, offering the last models in electronic products to the market. As well as start working in the manufacture of medical technology.

Province of Tierra del Fuego