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about this company

Date of Foundation:

November 1, 1935          


Vision/Mission :

We recognize our own roles and act proactively. And we aim to be a sustainable growth company that can respond to changes in society.


Business Description     :



Electronic Equipment



Bolt Business : Founded in 1935 as a manufacturer of bolts and nuts for ships, the company expanded its business in response to the wave of post-war rapid economic growth. However, due to the oil shock and the rapid appreciation of the yen triggered by the Plaza Accord of 1985, exports that had been driving business performance until then fell sharply. Taking this opportunity, we shifted from the conventional management of scale expansion to high value-added management based on original products developed by promoting technology specialization. Its original products are Takekoat®-1000, Takecoat ®-Ceramic1, and Nanotect ®.                                                                        

The electronic Equipment Business;It was started by an internal venture in 1989. The electronics business, which started with one electronics expert in one room and one PC, has since grown significantly and has grown into one of our pillar businesses with 40 employees, resulting in approximately 30% of our total sales. The core of our business is the contract development and manufacture of products centered on power electronics technology and image processing technology.                                                                         

Products/Services :

・ Bolts;         Alloy Steel Precision Bolts, Hot-forged Bolts. Super Alloy Steel Bolts

Coatings; Nanotect®, Takecoat®-1000, Takecoat®-Ceramic1

Electric Equipment; POWER ELECTRONICS, Facilities of Test and Inspection for Quality Assurance, High Reliability Equipment for Infrastructures


Factory Equipment (Bolt Division):

Friction Press, Rolling Machine, Machining, CNC lathe and other

manufacturing equipment, Coating Equipment, Various testing equipment



Local and Exports



Steel Processing Industry


Location (Head office and factory) :

Higashi Osaka


Competitive Advantages (coated bolts):

・Takecoat®-1000:Remarkable Corrosion Resistance, Stable Fastening &  High Durability

・Takecoat®-Ceramnic1: High Heat Resistant Property (Max.450℃), Stable 

Fastening & Remarkable Corrosion Resistance

・Nanotect®:High Abrasion Resistance, High Impact Resistance,

Remarkable Corrosion Resistance & Water Pressure



Financial Projection:



Company Goals & Objectives:

Company Growth & Employee Happiness


Management : High value-added management                      


Number of Employees :



Highlights :               

Focus on bolts for offshore wind power generation


Other Notes :

Nothing special