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Head Office & Technical Department

1-4-4 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi,

Hyogo 650-0047, Japan

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Phone: +81-78-303-3810

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Fax: +81-78-303-3822

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50 million yen


54 billion yen (2022) (2023 is yet to be finalized as of now)

Main Clients:


Kobe Steel







Kameya Electric







Takeda Pharmaceutical

Sawai Pharmaceutical




Chubu Electric Power




Nisshin Koryo

Introduction of your company & business:

Since our establishment in 1952 (March 10, Showa 27), we have prided ourselves on our ability to promptly meet our customers' needs. We have introduced a wide range of products domestically to protect the quality of Japanese industrial products, including imported analytical reference materials, consumables related to thick-film ICs, and equipment-related items. Now, leveraging the knowledge gained from handling various products, not only as a trading company but also as a manufacturer, we strive to further meet the diverse needs of our customers. With manufacturing and sales of mass production equipment for electronic components and more, we have expanded our business both domestically and internationally. We are a company that functions as both a trading company and a manufacturer.


Proposal beyond the standards, to the world.

For seventy years since our establishment as an import trading company, we have contributed to the field of analysis in Japan by bringing in standard materials from around the world, with the support of many customers.

Furthermore, we have been involved in analytical equipment from an early stage and currently manufacture automated equipment that contributes to the mass production sites in the electronics industry, receiving favorable reviews.

In the future, we will consolidate our business into four areas: diversified analysis, electronic materials, safety and environment, and precision equipment. We will sharpen our focus on these areas, anticipate the demands of the times, package the certainty demanded by the times into small bottles, and create the standards of the next era.

We will devise mechanisms that can reveal subtle differences and realize methods that can achieve high efficiency, and strive to contribute to resource conservation by deploying them as mass production equipment.

With sincerity and autonomy as our corporate philosophy, in a free-spirited environment, we strive to always keep an eye on the forefront of the times, explore new challenges, and create the next value that does not exist yet. We endeavor to contribute to the improvement of the quality of Japanese manufacturing and to the world of manufacturing.


1952: Founded with the purpose of importing and exporting fragrances, pearl essence, gum base, and other miscellaneous goods. Tokyo base established.

1954: Absorbed and merged with Tokiwa Shoji Co., Ltd., specializing in importing and selling analytical reference materials, physical and chemical equipment, etc.

1960: Establishment of a technical department within the headquarters.

1965: Opening of a sales office in Nagoya.

1975: Opening of a branch in Hokkaido.

2000: Absorbed and merged with TamaX Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of precision electronic equipment.

2004: Commenced delivery of self-developed standard materials (copper, aluminum) in response to the RoHS directive.

2007: Relocated and established the technical headquarters in Kobe Port Island, Kobe City.

2008: Establishment of Nishishin Techno Service Corporation; integration of headquarters, office, and technical headquarters in a new building in Kobe Port Island, Kobe City.

2010: Initiated collaborative partnerships with Hamamatsu Photonics Corporation and SD Engine; entered into a business collaboration with SJ INNOTECH in South Korea.

2020: Commenced SPM business.

Key Products or Services:

Precision Equipment domain

Stealth dicing is a patented technology of Hamamatsu Photonics, which differs from conventional dicing processes in that it allows for the processing of only the interior of the target object without causing damage to its surface. This enables processing without causing surface damage or generating debris. Literally, it is a stealthy processing method where "there are no marks on the surface, but the interior is processed." By combining this stealth dicing technology with our company's expertise in fine precision machining, we create and provide unparalleled high-performance laser processing equipment.

Laser ablation is an innovative technology that combines laser technology with elemental analysis equipment. Unlike traditional analytical devices that require samples to be dissolved in liquid, this equipment efficiently analyzes samples by irradiating them with a laser to convert them into ultrafine particles, eliminating the need for liquidation processes.

Diverse Analysis domain

Japanese Reference Materials

Seishin Trading is Exporter of various Japanese CRMs and RMs.

We have been engaged in CRM and RM business in Japan for about 50 years. Main Standard Reference Materials (Certified Reference Material and Reference Material) are as follows. We can also handle other Japanese Standards

Factory Equipment:

SEMs, laser microscopes, etc.

Technology / R&D activities:

Fabrication of vertical AlGaN-based ultraviolet-B laser diodes using a laser lift-off method

Vertical AlGaN-based UV-B laser diodes were fabricated by a laser lift-off method to exfoliate sapphire substrates. These devices were processed on 1 cm2 square wafers with a polycrystalline sintered AlN substrate as a structural support for the exfoliated device. Following electrode formation and other necessary processing steps, mirrors were formed through cleavage. Subsequently, the performance of the device was evaluated by injecting a pulsed current at room temperature. Results revealed distinct characteristics, including a sharp emission at 298.1 nm, a well-defined threshold current, strong transverse-electric polarization characteristic, and a laser-specific spot-like far-field pattern, confirming the oscillation of the vertical laser diode.

International Operations:

we have manufacturing contractor in Korea, SJ INNO TECH.

Business Achievements:

Recent Achievement: We have successfully sold laser processing machines tailored for the production process of perovskite solar cells.