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We are aiming to become a "100-Year Company," a company that will continue to exist beyond 100 years, by promoting "Transfor mation" and "Relentless Pursuit."

Our goal is to "become the No.1 partner to our customers" through creating the "Filtration Business," "System Solutions Business," and "Consumer Business" applying our unique "Filtration Technology."


Business Description

ROKI GROUP works to create products that lead to customer satisfaction with the "Filtration Business," "System Solutions Business," and the "Consumer Business" as the pillars of our company.

Filtration Business:

We develop, manufacture and sell filter products and housing products used in manufacturing processes in each field.

System Solutions Business:

We develop, manufacture and sell ozone devices and water treatment

Consumer Business:

We design and sell products as IKOR brand for general customers.




Nippon Roki K.K. (present ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD.) was founded in Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo.


The company was awarded the Selete Award 2005 by Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies (SELETE) for its support of the next generation semiconductor development.


The Hokuriku Plant was elected as one of the “300 middle-scale companies which are active in manufacturing” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Established a subsidiary company, ROKITECHNO SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.(present ROKI GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.) in Singapore.


Established a subsidiary company, ROKI S&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia Johor.


Established ROKI GROUP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (present ROKI GROUP CO., LTD.) and built a holding system. And ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD. has established ROKI TECHNO KOREA CO., LTD. (present ROKI S&S Korea Co., Ltd.) in the Republic of Korea for the purpose of selling industrial filter cartridges, ozone generator and water treatment system.


Established a subsidiary wholly owned by ROKI GROUP International Pte. Ltd., ROKI S&S America, Inc. in Torrance, California, USA for business expansion and sales reinforcement in the Americas.


ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD, established a new company "ROKI TECHNO MARKETING CO., LTD." by company split which is responsible for sales of products in Japan.





Filtration Business

・Electronics Market

Ceramic Capacitors / Flat panel Displays / Secondary Batteries / Recording Media / Other Electronics

・Fine Chemicals Market     

High-Purity Chemicals for Electronics / Photosensitive Materials such as Photoresist / Functional Inks / Polishing Slurry / Other Fine Chemicals

・Chemicals Market 

     Inorganic Chemicals / Organic Chemicals / Plastic Raw Materials / Other Chemicals

・General Industry Market  

Household Products such as Cosmetics / Detergents / Eyeglass Lenses / Paint/Ink / Lubricants / Other General Industrial Products

・Food and Beverages Market        

     Alcoholic Beverages / Soft Drinks / Starch Sugar / Seasoning / Other Food, Beverage


System Solutions Business

・Electronics Market

     Cleaning of LCD Panel / Cleaning of Wafer / Metal Oxide Film Formation

・General Industry Market  

     Film Surface Modification / Bleaching of Fiber

・Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical Market      

 Sterilization of Manufacturing Water / Cleaning and Sterilization of Filled Containers / Chamber Sterilization / Sterilization of Foodstuff

・Water Treatment, Environment Market  

 Sterilization of various Cooling Water / Rain Water Reuse / Deodorant and Bleaching of Industrial Waste Water / Sludge Reduction / VOC Removal / NOX Removal


Competitive Advantages

We will continually improve the quality of our products and strive to be the number one partner to our customers.

Our approach to providing the best quality to our customers are as follows:


Product Quality

1. Product development that responds to market demand by pursuing inherent technologies.

2. Stable product supply by a consistent quality assurance system of vertical integration from design to production and to sales.

Work Quality

1. Continuous improvement by the ROKI GROUP Integrated Quality Management System.

    2. Implementation of quick proposals by substantiation and analysis technology.

Employee Quality    

     1. Increase skills of employees thru Company Training System (Smacky College)

 2. Encouragement of in-house certifications and qualifications (expertise, management technology, and public certifications)



Chairman, President and CEO:

  Shin Ito

Managing Director:

  Makoto Okazaki


  Takayuki Toita

  Hiroshi Yokoo

  Naoki Shimada

Audit & Supervisory Board Member:

  Syunji Hirotani

  Kenichi Syotoku

  Ryusuke Honjyo



Number of employees 484 (As of the end of March, 2018)