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about this company

Date of Establishment:

12 September 1997



  • Pharma + Foods

We research the power of food and develop safe and unique functional ingredients focusing on “immunity”, “aging”, and the “nerve system” to contribute to “Health and Longevity”

  • Live Together

We build partnerships where every individual can live, support and prosper together.

  • Multiculture

We create new value through cross-cultural communication as well as a fusion of tradition and advanced science.


Business Description

Research and Development at Pharmaceutical level

We are a group of scientists in the drug discovery business. It is our duty to conduct thorough scientific verifications of efficacy and safety for food ingredients also. This is how we develop our food and cosmetic ingredients with clear functions supported by evidence.

Create uncharted market

We discover unknown functions hidden in every-day food and do R&D on what we’ve found. Therefore, our ingredients are totally unconventional. Our safe and exclusive products  contributing to “Health and Longevity” can realise different approaches and explore different markets.  

Biotechnology good for all

We develop functional ingredients from natural foods using biotechnology. Our message is always consisted of convincing studies and evidences which consumers can easily understand.


Everyone knows about eggs, but few know how eggs become chicks in 21 days.

We have been reserching this mystery of the egg, developing many different ingredients with different functions, and as a result a fascinating the world.




1997      Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd. is established

2000      Pharma Foods Korea Co., Ltd.  is established

2006      Lists on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers

2012      Mail-order business starts with own sales channel “TAMAGOKICHI (Egg-Station)”

2015      Acquires ISO9001 quality management system

 PharmaFoods Communication Inc. is established for the purpose of call centre operation of “TAMAGOKICHI”

2016      Lists on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

2018      Wins JSBBA Award for Achievement in Technological Research

(Establishment of GABA production technology and market development of functional foods)

Strategic research collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation for the development of innovative antibody drug


Product Development and Launch

2001      Ovopron®, egg antibody against Helicobacter Pylori

                PharmaGABA®, made from natural resesources for stress relief, sleep improvement

2005      Bonepep®, egg-yolk peptide for bone growth/bone density maintenance

2006      Runpep®, egg-white peptide for promotion of Nitric Oxide production

2012      iHA®, hyaluronic acid production promoter

2013      Banafine®, fermented green banana powder with a potent immunity improvement

2014      Cerepron®, sking whitening ingredient derived from Japanese-sake yeast



-Functional Ingredients-


GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), one of amino acids, activate the central nervous system.

We discovered GABA functions like stress relief and sleep improvement that are now widely known, and developed our own PharmaGABA®.  

PharmaGABA® is the only Self-Affirmed GRAS GABA, and already registered as New Food Raw Material in China. No.1 in sales around the world, especially in Japan with an 80% share.



Egg-yolk protein developed with a focus on the mystery of an egg which hatches a chick after only 21 days. The effects of Bonepep to help bone growth and maintenance bone density are recognised. This unique ingredient supports bone health throughout human life. It acquires New Raw Food Material certification in China.

Cerepron®: Natural skin whitening ingredients made from Japanese Sake Yeast. Highly demanded globally as an alternative on the market.

Banafine®: Green banana powder fermented by yeast is an immunostimulation ingredient. Its effect against flu has been published.

HGP®: Hair growth peptide discovered from egg yolk with enzyme engineering is attractive on the market

Runpep®: Egg white protein developed to promote the production of a vasodilator, Nitric Oxide (NO), which has a positive effect on blood vessels and improves blood flow. It is widely used for products of blood flow improvement, relieving exercise fatigue, dieting, and men's function.


-Finished Products-

Tamagosamin®: Supplement for knee joint containing iHA® available on “TAMAGOKICHI”.  It has 100,000 regular monthly subscriptions.

Newmo®: Hair growth products containing HGP to help those who worry about hair growth.



Functional Food Ingredients


Health & Beauty



Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan 

In autumn 2019, we established the Drug Discovery Center (DDC) equipped with state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the biomedical R&D, situated adjacent to the main building.