Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023
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5-10-6, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014, Japan

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86 employees


99.9 million yen


2.85 billion yen (at the time of in 2022)

Introduction of your company & business:

Solenoid valve,Ventilation Equipment and Liquid level gauges 

Repair and maintenance, sales, design


We maintain a clear focus on our policy to protecting people's peaceful and happy daily lives as we manufacture our high-performance products


Mar. 1919 Factory founded by the first president of our privately owned Saburo Kaneko Engaged in the design and manufacture of valves cock

Mar. 1951 Kanekosangyo Sales Co., Ltd. established in the capital of 1 million yen

Aug. 1988 70th anniversary Computerized Hiratsuka factory has been newly built in Higashiyawata in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Total product control from R&D, design, production, assembly, inspection to shipping.

Oct. 1996      Acquire ISO 9001 certification. Carrying out thorough quality control

Mar.2001      The headquarter building has been newly built in Tokyo.

Dec. 2004     Established Shanghai Kaneko Auto-instrument Ltd.

Mar. 2010     Established KOREA KANEKO CO., LTD.

Apr. 2016      Established VIET NAM KANEKO CO., LTD.

Aug. 2019     Established STK ENG CO.,LTD.(In Vietnam)

Key Products or Services:

Our major products are Solenoid valves for Instrumentation, direct acting solenoid valves, tank ventilation equipment such as breather valves, flame arresters, Gas Seal Unit (self-acting regulating valve as tank blanketing valve), our original product,

Company Goals & Objectives:

To match up what is required in the era and having customer's opinions to apply ourselves to change and to have new processes,we will continue to create new valves and valve-related technologies in enthusiastic response to these new demands and offer a widening range of specific product forms.

we believe that,by working hard to produce excellent products,we contribute to the satisfaction of everyday life,and the cherished quiet and calm of peaceful living.