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IWATA's philosophy is "Creativity".

Our mission is to create the future of the earth 100 years from now. As a trading company specializing in chemistry, we collaborate with technology and technology, or with companies and companies, as if it were a chemical reaction. It creates "good chemistry". In order to fulfill our universal mission, we must continue to change with the innovation of chemical technology. The goal is to use the unknown miracle power of chemistry to create new value in the world.


Business Description

Chemicals  Basic Chemicals/Plastics

Advanced Materials  Electronics / Chemical facilities

Building Materials  Sealants / Adhesives / Interior materials


Background/ Highlights

1902 Founded in Nagoya as "Iwata Yashichi Shoten".

1947 Reorganized and changed the name to “Iwata Shokai” (IWATA & Co.,Ltd.)

1965 Established a manufacturing company, Auto Chemical Industry.

1973 Expanded to 15 sales offices in Japan.

1998 Established Juji Field Corporation, a sales company for bio-related equipment.

2003 Obtained ISO 14001 certification.

2016 Acquired Tosc Corporation through M&A.

2017 Established Iwata & Company (Thailand) Ltd, as the sales base for ASEAN.

2018 Juji Field Corporation was merged into Tosc Corporation.

2020 Joined “Keidanren”(Japan Business Federation).

2020 Acquired Ogura-Sundine Corporation through M&A.

2021 Acquired CaHC(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. through M&A and reorganized SIAM IWATA CO.,LTD.

2022 Participated and set our target of SBT(Science Based Targets).

2022 120th anniversary of the company's founding.



Head Office  

Nagoya, Japan

Branch Office

10 sales offices in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hamamatsu and others)

Overseas 2 companies in Bangkok, Thailand


Industry/ Markets

We offer a wide range of chemicals and chemical products.

Our chemicals are used in many industrial fields, e.g., automotive, construction, housing, food, medical, and semiconductor.

We are not only a trading company, but also have factories in affiliated companies to manufacture original chemical products.

In particular, our polyurethane sealants and adhesives are known by their high quality and durability.

We also develop and supply unique products in collaboration with other companies.

To support and enrich people's lives, we will continue to create new chemical products.