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20 Oyamazuka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3193, Japan

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JPY 100,000,000


JPY 6.3 billion (FY9/2022)

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Since its establishment in 1956, Honda Electronics Co., Ltd. continues to contribute to the realization of an affluent society by providing value in a wide range of fields including marine products, industrial products, medical products, and ceramic products.


HONDA ELECTRONICS has brought innovations to the world by introducing ultrasound technologies since the release of the world-first transistor fish finder in 1956. With originality in mind, HONDA ELECTRONICS also respects technologies in various fields and participates in many collaborative projects. This “Open Technology” policy shall lead us to make further contributions that will enhance human life.

Achieve the world’s best quality through originality.


Founded on October 1, 1956

1973, Fish finder manufacturing and assembly

1978, Exhibiter at SI-TEX, U.S. who is a distributor, assisting the sales channels in the North American market

1987, Honda Electronics is approved as a medical devices manufacturer (no.361) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Japan

1994, "The World of Ultrasound: What the Future Brings" by Keisuke Honda was published by NHK Books

1996, opened "Ultrasonic Science Museum"

1997, acquired ISO9001 certification

2006, acquired ISO14001 certification

2007, "The World of Unheard Sound" Handbook of Ultrasonic Waves was Published

2013, opened a Representative office in Bangkok, Thailand

2015, completed Villa Honda, a training and recreation facility at the lakeside of Lk. Hamana-ko.

Key Products or Services:

Marine products, industrial products and medical products utilized by ultrasound technology.

Factory Equipment:

Sintering furnaces, X-Ray diffraction analysis (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), etc.

Technology / R&D activities:

Since its establishment in 1956, Honda Electronics Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer in ultrasound technology, providing the world with cutting-edge ultrasound application technology and developing various products that enrich society.

Honda Electronics Co., Ltd. is actively promoting exchanges of technology and people with universities and other institutions, as well as joint development and R&D with companies in other industries.

International Operations:

Establish a branch office in Bangkok and have hundreds of distributors and agencies all over the world.

Business Achievements:

Ultrasonic microscope, AMS-50SI uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to observe microscopic construction of biological tissues. It observes not only the construction of the tissue but also elasticity. The difference of elasticity is shown in color and it gives very good identification. The newly developed "Acoustic Impedance Mode" realized non-sliced tissue observation. "Sound Speed Mode" observation with sliced tissue is also supported.


Received the Best Small Fish Finder Award (7 years in a row since 1976)

(National Marine Electronics Association)

1987, Small liquid crystal fish finder "Toretore-kun" won the Nikkei Excellent Product Award.

1988, Science and Technology Agency Commissioner's Award "Development and training of fish finder for identifying fish species" (Science and Technology Agency)

1990, Founder Keisuke Honda receives Medal with Yellow Ribbon

2004, Certified as a manufacturing brand NAGOYA company

(Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

2006, Received the "Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award" at the Invention and Technology Exhibition. (Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

2012, Received the "Technical Award from the Japan Society of Ultrasonic in Medicine" for medical ultrasonic microscopes. (Japan Society of Ultrasonic in Medicine)

2016, Selected as one of the 300 small and medium-sized businesses that fly

(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)

Company Goals & Objectives:

Respect individual personality, develop human faculties and appraise ability fairly

Contribute to the world by striving for a rich and cheerful society.