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The engine of the mining and road sectors

5 years ago

“I’m willing to cooperate with foreign investors and companies outside of China in terms of quality technologies and machineries that are useful to people’s lives” Ms.N.Uranchimeg President of Montruck
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Engaged, socially responsible and proudly Mongolian, Montruck opens up doors to unexploited investment opportunities.

Montruck is a 100% Mongolian road, construction and mining machinery import company which now figures among Mongolia’s top 100 companies. Thanks in no small part to the savvy and foresight of the company’s president, Ms. N. Uranchimeg, who was voted Mongolian businesswoman of the year in 2011, Montruck has always been a company very ahead of its time.

As the first company to sell heavy trucks in Mongolia, Montruck began importing road, construction and mining related machinery from China in 2001. “I got an idea that by entering the business of importing machinery related to the road and construction sector which is the key to the country’s development, I could contribute to my country’s development,” says Ms. Uranchimeg.

This idea also happened to be an excellent business opportunity. At the time, Mongolians knew very little about Chinese trucks, though just a decade later, nearly 60% of the mining machinery used in Mongolia is imported from China.

Ms. Uranchimeg is personally invested in seeing that the Mongolian mining and road sectors continue to flourish. In 2011, she took it upon herself to organize various companies in these sectors to petition the government for more support of home-grown companies in the face of foreign competitors.

“The government policy towards protecting national business companies from foreign companies is weak,” she explains. “So there is always a risk of being defeated by foreign companies with better technology and greater financing.” Her efforts were successful in garnering the attention of the government, which has since become more proactive in supporting the growth of national companies.

As it has grown, Montruck has also expanded into other industries. “Our company’s operation is to supply machinery essential to sectors including road construction, construction and mining, geology, exploration and extraction,” says Ms. Uranchimeg, fully aware that this also comes with a responsibility to develop other sectors.

In 2012, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Montruck imported over 8,400 trucks and opened agricultural machinery trade points in five provinces across western Mongolia.

“The agricultural sector of Mongolia has been developing based on manual works. Our company’s main purpose is to import large numbers of agricultural machineries and operate 5 centers throughout Mongolia more actively.”

Engaged, socially responsible, and proudly Mongolian, Montruck is now open to offering foreign investors access to its many unused land and mining licenses for coal, gold, and fluorspar. It offers the prospect of profitable mining opportunities and access to land which according to Ms. Uranchimeg, wise investors may even use to develop five-star international chain hotels.




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