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7 years ago

Carlos Bremer Gutierrez, CEO of Value Grupo Financiero
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Investment house Value Grupo Financiero is the nation's leader in maximizing long-term returns

The total value of the domestic market capitalization of Mexico’s stock exchange – the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, or BMV – was US$451 billion at the end of February this year, making it the second largest stock exchange in Latin America, after Brazil's BM&F Bovespa. Upgrading to the latest technology this year will also see the BMV become one of the fastest bourses in the world, with its new trading platform processing orders 200 times quicker than the system it replaces. The increasing size and speed of the BMV comes at a time when investor interest in Mexico is soaring, as is the demand for greater investment options and trusted fund managers.

“Every day we have expanded the range of potential products that we can offer,” says Carlos Bremer Gutierrez, CEO of Mexico’s investment group Value Grupo Financiero. “It has been made possible by the BMV’s International Quotation System (Sistema Internacional de Cotizaciones, or SIC, which is a price quotation system for non-Mexican securities). This gives us the opportunity to invest abroad through the BMV without having to take money out of the country. It has been an important investment trigger over the past two years. We strongly believe in long-term rate debt funds, which offer investors very good rates of return against the low inflation rate we currently have.”

Value Grupo Financiero is a leading financial services group that provides a wide selection of brokerage, investment management, leasing, and fund operation services. It serves a substantial and diversified client base that includes large corporations, governments, and private investors.

“We have a track record of producing double-digit returns higher than the average yields of Cetes”

Carlos Bremer Gutierrez,
CEO of Value Grupo Financiero

Primarily engaged in Mexico’s financial sector, the company’s subsidiaries include its brokerage house Value Casa de Bolsa; Value Arrendadora, which is involved in the financial leasing sector; and Value Consultores, a division focused on the provision of financial administration and consultancy services.

The family of funds offered by Value Casa de Bolsa provides various investment alternatives that allow its customers access to money and capital markets. One of the company's best investment tools is the Value F2 fund, which offers very attractive returns – comparable to those obtained by long-term investments – but without sacrificing liquidity, as it is available every 28 days. For the past nine years, Value F2 has consistently outperformed Cetes – Mexican Treasury bills auctioned by the Ministry of Finance via the Central Bank.

“Having solidified our strategy for long-term rate investments for our clients, we have been the leaders in long-term rate funds on a national level for many years,” says Mr. Bremer. “Our performance since 2003 shows we have a track record of producing double-digit returns higher than the average yields of Cetes. This gives you a high growth potential, and our customers become our best salespeople. We ensure that the growth of our clients’ capital or assets has low levels of risk. This is a virtuous cycle where customers can safely benefit from Mexico’s macroeconomic growth. We have performed above average for nine years running.”

Value Grupo Financiero is based in Monterrey, and has branches in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, and Morelia. A dedication to the highest levels of customer care is interwoven into the fabric of the company. It is the common thread that unites the multifaceted group. Mr. Bremer adds, “We have more than 6,000 customers benefitting from our experience, and we have a very large network of very pleased investors who bring us closer to other potential clients.”

The company’s calculated, cautious approach to investment instills confidence in its clients that their assets are in safe hands. It takes pride in not having received a single customer complaint over the past 10 years. “We have been involved with the BMV since a long time ago and we have seen everything,” says the CEO. “We know the dangers that exist worldwide, so we have always wanted to be very conservative. Clients’ portfolios assume very low levels of risk.”

Value Grupo Financiero’s management ensures that the company contributes to the nation’s sporting, cultural and educational development through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that range from charity ballet to sporting events. Its Butaca Enlace project has rewarded some of the country’s most deserving students by taking them to high-profile sporting events. “In 2009 we took 60,000 children to the World Baseball Classic, and last year 53,000 children from different states went to the Pan-American Games in Guadalajara,” says Mr. Bremer.

Macroeconomically, Mexico is in its strongest position ever. “There has never been a better time to be in business in Mexico than right now. There is a real opportunity to discover interesting areas for investment. We have an enviable set of variables that would interest any international investor,” says Mr. Bremer, who ranks Mexico among the top three investment destinations in the world. The CEO highlights various sectors that are prime for a closer look, such as manufacturing (maquiladoras), tourism, energy and agriculture.




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