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Nobuyoshi Fujisawa

President and CEO



Nobuyoshi Fujisawa became the largest shareholder of the J Trust Group through a takeover bid in 2008. Since then, he has been instrumental in driving the J Trust Group’s financial growth, expanding its businesses through strategically aligned mergers and acquisitions, and growing the company’s network to include investments in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.


Obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tokyo, School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine.


Aug 2007
Representative Director & Chairman, Kazaka Servicer Co., Ltd. (currently Partir Servicer Co., Ltd.)

Jun 2008
Representative Director & Chairman, J Trust Co., Ltd.
Director, Mass Work Co., Ltd. (currently Keynote Co., Ltd.)

Jun 2010
Director, J Trust Co., Ltd.

Oct 2010
Director & Supreme Advisor, J Trust Co., Ltd.

Jun 2011
President & CEO, J Trust Co., Ltd. (incumbent)

Oct 2013
Managing Director & CEO, J Trust Asia PTE. LTD. (incumbent)

Jan 2014
Chairman, Chinae Savings Bank Co., Ltd. (currently JT Chinae Savings Bank Co., Ltd.)

Mar 2015
Director & Chairman, JT Capital Co., Ltd. (incumbent)

Jun 2015
President Commissioner, PT JTrust Investments Indonesia (incumbent)
Representative Director, President & CEO, J Trust Co., Ltd. (incumbent)
Director, ADORES, Inc. (incumbent)

Areas of Expertise

Finance, real estate and entertainment industries.

What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

I have many experiences of ‘unsuccessfulness.’ I think that I have failed in businesses more than succeeded. But having said that, the unsuccessful things were small ones and the success things were quite significant. My idea of success is that if I invest in 10 businesses and eight fail, but the other two become significant and double in size, then overall, it was a success.

I am careful in the size of unsuccessfulness, and if it is too big, everything can fail, so I do not hesitate to abandon an attempt if it becomes to large. If you want to make your business a big success, please remember the words from Sun Tzu’s ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles’ and study history. History teaches us a phenomenon of cycle and reflect one’s true self. If you understand history, you can foresee what will happen next. For example, human’s strong desire is well reflected in the history of the real estate market.

At one point, over-investment occurs in the market and there is a distortion occurring there; this is the moment of a chance to invest in the market.

For business negotiation, putting yourself in other people’s shoes is the most important thing. If you want to settle the negotiation, ‘know the enemy’ and think about what they want.

I am applying the methodology to manage people, making sure they know about their responsibilities, allowing staff to make many mistakes and work at their own discretion.

The result is obvious in numbers later.

Staff are looking for a better standard of living; I want to produce many millionaires from our company.


One doesn’t come to my mind directly, but if I have to say my mentor is a president of a real estate company which I worked for when I was 30 years old. The president appreciated my work there.


Sun Tzu’s ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles’.


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